Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And...that's a no go, Captain

A no-go, that is, on the truck. Why? Because it is HER truck and SHE wants to keep it but that is her perogative and all it means is that there is something better for us out there...somewhere.

You just have to wonder about people's selfishness sometimes; especially those that claim to be Christians. I am not judging merely based on the fact that she won't sell a vehicle that doesn't ever get used; I have known this family for going on 10 years and I can honestly tell you this is based on years of fruit production - or lack there of...so I am not entirely sure why this surprises me.

I am trying to not feel let down or disappointed or frustrated as I do know that something will come our way. I am feeling this way because, I think because there is so much unknowing and even though it is in God's trustworthy hands and He is taking care of it, I hate having to be reliant on other people to get my family to school & work, get groceries to feed my family, get them to church...and I know that is pride and I am trying to rise above it and I know I will (I also know if my High School English teacher read this blog, she would kill me for that last sentence).

I think I am just dealing with the fresh sting of this knowledge and with trying to figure out how some people can be so selfish...

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