Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I'm back...

Well, almost. I am getting there step by step. I used to be so organized and prepared. I would have meals ready and in the freezer; I even had things made & frozen for the bigger kids for breakfast. There were meal plans attached to my fridge and cleaning schedules beside them. I am coming back.

Yesterday I completed one meal plan. I think I will do 2 per "cooking season" for our house. You see, it gets so HOT in our house in the warm weather that putting bread in the toaster makes it somewhat unbearable; turning on the oven makes it intolerable!

I went and got some groceries yesterday after supper and as I was putting them away began making some breakfast burritos for Rush. I got 6 made last night; I didn't get home from the store until 9:30 and I plan to make some more up tonight - those and some sandwiches to freeze (after I take Rush to get some new clothes).

The girls' room is pretty much done; I am just needing to find the right baskets, etc for their shelves and I need to put up Jellybean's bulletin board. I think tonight I will pick up the shelf for our front entrance too and get that area looking spiffy. I have shoes that I will be going through that I don't wear anymore - dress shoes. If anyone around here is a size 8-9 (depending on the shoe) and would like them, let me know. If I still have them they are yours.

Slowly but surely I am getting back into my groove. This last 2 years of working full-time and working 2 jobs at a time for part of it really left me in a state of chaos but it is starting to come together once again. Thank God for that and thank God that He has equipped me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

We got out of the snow globe!

On Saturday, after LilB left and after music practice, we hopped into a borrowed van and drove off to Stoon. Pastor rob was with us as we were taking him to the airport and CherylB came along for the ride. Before leaving we stopped at BK for a quick lunch and had some laughs. The puddles in their parking lot made me alarmingly aware of the need to get Jellybean and Bug new rubber boots! The puddles are HUGE and they were immediately drawn to their alluring splash potential.

BigB got some computer parts bought that he needs for the church's computers and we succeeded in getting another shirt for our newest music team member. By this time, we were tired and hungry and stopped by a mall before it closed so we could grab a quick supper. As per my usual "mall food" choice, I ran to Edos for Sukiyaki Beef. (Oh! It is SO good and takes me back to my days of Grade 12 when I ate it everyday of one semester as I walked from my school to another for a Journalism class)

We had a quick romp through one of the WalMarts there and found me a new pair of black heels that are super comfortable. The girls wanted to run around Old Navy just so they could say, "Welcome to Old Navy" like in the movie "Meet Dave" with Eddy Murphy. Unfortunately we didn't get there on time and so, I was trying to convince them that it would be funnier to do that in WalMart. No dice.

We didn't really do much there nor did we have the time to but it was fun and it sure was nice to get out of the snow globe we live in (even if it was only for a few hours); right CherylB?

Rain Down

Breathe life again to these dry bones

(by: Brian Ming -CFNI))

I hear the sound of the prophet declaring the Word of the Lord
I hear the voice of Ezekiel, prophesying to these dry bones
Live again, Live again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Live again, Live again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Live again

I hear the sound of an army, a nation preparing for war
I can hear Judah assembling and praise is their weapon of war
Live again, Live again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Live again, Live again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Live again

Breath of God from the four winds blow
Breathe life again to these dry bones
Breath of God from the four winds blow
Breathe life again to these dry bones
Arise, Arise, Arise, Here and now (2x)

I hear apostles and teachers awaking the church from the sleep
I hear the calling of pastors, calling the church to its knees
Pray again, Pray again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Pray again, Pray again, to those who are sleeping, to those in the grave
Pray again

Raise up an army, Raise up an army
Raise up an army, From the dust of the earth
Raise up an army, Raise up an army
Raise up an army of worshippers

Spring brought with it excitement

Since September, 2008 we have been without a "normal" sanctuary for our church; we turned ours into a school and have been building a new one. This means that we have had services in some not very typical places: we were in a tent for quite a while (up until the end of October); we had a couple services in a conference room at one of the hotels in town and we have spent the winter having our services in the foyer with the worship team assembled in the hallway.

It has been cramped, crowded, squishy and a real inconvenience but, it has been great! Being in the foyer has brought a closeness among the congregation I don't think would be there otherwise. It brought a new level of unity among the worship team. We,as a congregation, have found a new level of hunger and a stronger desire to be in God's presence. We have experienced His presence in some phenomenally powerful and life-altering ways.

We move into the new sanctuary April 10! It is exciting! There is an anticipation of the things to come, of what God will do in this next stage of our lives and there are a group of us that can barely contain the anticipation that is growing within us.

May 21-24 brings a conference and speakers from all over! Pastor Peter Marshall from Hamilton, Ont, Pastor Brent Rudinski from Saskatoon, Brother Yisreal Avraham, a Messianic Jew from Saskatoon who is currently in Isreal with his wife, Genevieve, Pastor Ernie Turcotte (and I am sure I am spelling his name wrong and also don't have a link to him), Alick Clarke from California, a few others I can't remember right now and, of course, Pastor Kevin Tabuchi (website link coming soon). We will have pastors visiting from all over.

My hope is that more and more churches can step out from and raise above the absurd religion (to coin Pastor Steve Gray's book title)they have become victim to and experience the powerful presence of God for who He truly is and not for what "religion" has turned Him into. Everyone deserves to experience that! Everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yay for Bad Weather

Ok, yay for us; boo for Nat!

But sometimes bad weather works out for our best interest. Nat just called to let us know that there is a HUGE blizzard brewing for the States that LilB will have to drive through and would we mind keeping him for a couple extra days. I don't mind at all and I know BigB and the kids will be thrilled AND this means he can come with us to "The City" to go dress shopping for Rush after music practice tomorrow!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Totally Terrific Thursday

It's been a great day!

I had a normal work day but that's not what I even want to talk about - not even a little.

I got home from work to 5 of my 7 kids, 2 dogs, our cat and my gorgeous husband! LilB, J and Rush made a fantastic supper, which was ready as soon as I walked in the door. We had fettuccini alfredo with chicken breasts and jalapeno cheddar garlic toast. It was SO good. Apparently the banter from the kitchen was enough to warm BigB's heart and he had a great day as well.

When I came home, I saw Bug looking like this...

...a Beatnik. I expected dark poetry instead of "Hi, Mama! How was your day!?"

J came for a visit and brought her sweet pooches. Here she is with snuggly Daisy.

The older three snuggling with the dogs; Jellybean mothered them and took notes on how to look after a dog so "she will know how when she gets one". She also informed me that she wants a dog like Daisy.

Bonding and making up for lost time!

Group fun!

Highlights from tonight:

The laughing at each other as the dogs tried smooching us.

Me running outside, chasing the dogs on their joint leash when Jellybean lost the leash while taking them out for a walk AND take the garbages out. How is that a highlight? I had no shoes or socks on - totally bare foot! Very invigorating!

Jellybean making notes in her notebook about how to take care of puppies.

Finding out that P.B. is coming over too!

Bug looking like a mini Lindell Cooley

Bug being his typical goofy self, trying to get a laugh out of mom. (I did not encourage such behavior by taking a picture of it. Nope. I wouldn't do that!)

Bug signing the word "bug".

Spiderman slept over at my house...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"There's a gorilla lookin' at me"

Two Fridays ago, at church, Bug began to giggle uncontrollably during the sermon. I tried to shush him all the while trying to not burst out laughing myself due to the sheer contagiousness of his giggles.

"Mommy," he said, "there's a gorilla looking at me."

I wondered if he was on crack or something but asked him what he meant and what gorilla was he talking about?

Through giggles and glee he pointed to the wall beside our row of chairs to show me this...

...a gorilla face peering at us from the paint...

And, just in case you can't see it (because BigB can't see it even when it is pointed out to him)...

Can you see the gorilla?

My favorite candy...Jellybeans

How could you look into those eyes and NOT fall madly in love.

Too cute for words...

He is a seriously cute rockstar, so cute I can hardly stand it!

Today in pictures

Rush was overwhelmed seeing Billy eventhough she knew he was coming and was brought to tears a couple of times.

When Bug saw his big brother, his face lit up!

When Jellybean saw Billy at school this afternoon.

Billy got overwhelmed himself when he was in the new sanctuary because everything he has ever dreamed of for this town, province, country is beginning to come true...

Today in photos. It sure has been nice to have Billy around. He treated us to slurpees tonight; we had a nice supper with Wayne & Shar. He played Wii wit the kids, beat Rush up a bit and are watching a couple of movies right now. Jellybean and Bug have only slightly suffocated him with love and affection.



To find our more information click the button on the side of my blog to get to his Mama's website!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Just in case you missed it on Facebook and on Twitter, Billy is back home! Well, for a visit! The only sad part about it, for me, is that his lovely wife isn't with him. We miss her too!

He came into the office for a few minutes this morning, which made me cry. Funny how so many emotions can lead to tears. I can't wait until we get to take him to the church at lunch time to pick the kids up from school.

Jellybean guessed that Billy was coming as she sat at the table last night, trying to desperately figure out what the surprise is. I did not lie to her and tell her how I wished that were true and that we had no idea when we would get to see him next. Ok, I did lie to her and she now believes that their surprise may be a new Wii game.

Bug is completely oblivious as to what this surprise may be and as to why he didn't have to take a lunch to school today. I am so looking forward to the expressions on their faces.

Silly me! I left my camera at home this morning! I had planned to put it in my bag and completely forgot it! I asked BigB to bring it but I don't know if he will remember. That being said, there may or may not be pictures to look upon in our golden years, causing us to reminicse "Remember that time we totally lied to the kids about Billy coming home...?" To which the other would reply, "Yeah, totally worth it!"

P.S. Time drags by extremely slowly when you have some place you would completely rather be. I am really looking forward to going to church with my son again on Friday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Self-Induced Panic

Jellybean has been busy (along with Rush and Bug) cleaning up the past couple of days but tonight she delayed taking out her garbages until well after dark. "But it's dark out," was her excuse when I told her she wasn't done her chores. I ever-so-loving told her she was still going as it's not like she had to go on any long excursions through the pasture in pitch black (What I wouldn't have given for a few street lights as a kid).

As she was gathering the garbage, Bug told her that he would watch out for her and promptly ran to the door, stood with it wide open and looked for her. He must have forgotten that she hadn't even gone out yet as Rush & I heard a panicked voice, "Jellybean? Where are you?"

It was extremely funny to Rush & I that she was still inside but he was standing there thinking, "Oh my gosh! She's gone!"

Jellybean made us laugh even harder when she came back inside stating, "I am ok but I saw a white van."

We were like "What does it matter that you saw a white van?"

And she was all wide-eyed and serious telling us how white vans with clear front windows and black dark windows are bad but it was ok because she made it without any trouble.

I asked her if these vans could be any other color or if they had to be white. Apparently they are white and when questioned about our having owned a white Montana with "clear front windows & dark back windows" Jellybean responded with a prompt and matter-of-fact, "Well, not ALL white vans".

Before going to bed Jellybean asked if I would pray with her because she is afraid to go out in the dark by herself even though she knows "that a child of God shouldn't be afraid of anything because God doesn't give us the spirit of fear and He is always with us."

P.S. Jellybean & Bug think that their surprise tomorrow is a new game for the Wii! Boy won't they be surprised!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Friday night's service was...WOW! Sunday morning's was...WOW again! The altar call at the end was like...Ok, I can't describe it. Really, I have absolutely no words to tell you what it was like; the intensity that was in the air, to describe that electrifying feeling. It was like when you can feel lightning in the air - the air on your arms and neck standing up...yeah!

I left church yesterday afternoon, though, feeling like it wasn't enough. But what? What wasn't enough? Did I not put forth enough effort? Were my motives or my heart not 100%? Was there some unknown holding me back that has yet to be revealed to me? Did I just feel like it wasn't enough because I am not satisfied with where I am and want more? Is it that there is a deeper hunger building inside of me that I have yet to fill and it just seemed like I hadn't gotten enough because I don't think I can ever get enough?

I want to be consumed by God! I want to be burned up by the fire of God! I have a feeling in the "pit of my stomach" area that is so intense and it just seems like there is something, I don't know what! But it is right there! I can feel it but I just can't...I don't even know....I really, truly have no words...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

Spent some time with my mom, my sister and mom's good friend this afternoon. Jellybean was with them for about an hour while I took Rush to go find a dress for W.I.C. (unsuccessful). I just got a text from mom saying they were home and that J was very impressed with the theological discussion she had with Jellybean.

Apparently someone said that something was awesome. Jellybean piped up with what she has been learning at church and home: There is only one thing that is awesome and THAT is God!

There was more to their discussion but mom wasn't in on it and was unclear but I thought that that was great. She has such a boldness to her yet a sweetness in her approach.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't just stand there; fight!

"Everyone knows we are in a religious war. Terrorists call it a holy war. So where are our holy men? Where are our clerics and spiritual leaders who should be guiding us through this war? They are down at the coffee shop chilling out with a latte and telling folks that God loves them. Is that what God is saying to us as a nation, "Smile, I love you"? We have become a nation of cupcake preachers. Our religious men and women are more confused than King Saul was. He didn't know what to do about Goliath and my absurd religion has no idea what to do about terror.

The fighting and hunting down of the world's leading terrorists has been difficult, frustrating and costly. The average American, although believing in God, has never even considered divine intervention as an option. Even sadder is the fact that it hasn't crossed most preachers' minds either.

Another way that my absurd relgion has made terror absurd is in the area of negotiations. My absurd religion thinks God is a pacifist who would never pick a fight much less stand up for himself. It has no faith for even a modest God intervention. So with what does that leave us? It leaves us with negotiations. We want to sit down at the peace table and work something out. That's like a native American Indian chief smoking the peace pipe with the cavalry and expecting a fair deal.

You cannot negotiate with terrorists because they do not want to make peace. They don't want to strike a deal that is fair to everyone. They have no intention of sharing. They intend to destroy until what they are mad about is gone."

I think Pastor Steve is bang on in what he is saying in this chapter called Absurd Terror from "My Absurd Religion". Too many people that I talk to view God as an uninvolved father and Jesus as a soft-spoken man carrying a lamb on his shoulders and that is it. What happened to the story of Jesus fashioning a whip and overturning tables in the temple. He was angry. He isn't some guy who got beat up, died on the cross for us and that is it. He isn't waiting in Heaven to one day be our king. He is our king NOW. He is a conquering, reigning king NOW - not a someday he'll come and reign. The train of his garment is long like that of a victorious king and victorious kings engage in battle.

I think we need to put an end to passive christianity; we need to stop accepting everything as "that's just the way it is" and learn to stand up for and fight for righteousness and for the honor that our king deserves.

Buy a copy of this book yourself and see what Pastor Steve has to say. I think everyone should read it at least once so they can see for themselves just how absurd religion is becoming in this nation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not just your Sunday book.

"If you don't live the Bible everyday, you become disqualified to use it for special purposes."

Quote taken from My Absurd Religion by Pastor Steve Gray.

Notice this doesn't say "read the Bible everyday"; we need to LIVE the Bible everyday and not just put on our "spiritual" hats on Sunday morning for an hour service (that most churches have) before we head to the buffet or home, to our slow-cooked roast. We need to wake up each morning and live out the word of God.

I remember when I was working at the hospital and in the process of getting accepted into school one of my supervisors told me that she was praying I didn't get in (not to be mean; she was saying it in a form of a compliment as she didn't want me to be leaving); I had to supress a laugh when she said that as the thought ran through my head, "I'm not too worried about that being answered." Now she is not a bad person and I am not judging her based on that as she does have a good heart but I have never seen any fruit to point that she lives the Bible at all.

The people I worked with never understood why I would ever "put myself" through church services that are as long as our services are. In no way do I intend to imply that sermons have to be long to be powerful but, they would sit in an hour long sermon in a church that is being suffocated by "religion/tradition" where the power of God is pretty well non-existent and be bored senseless. I have been there! I have been in those hour long services that leave you shifting left, right, left, right, until both butt cheeks are so asleep you feel like you are going to go insane!

Then I went to Kansas City for the first time ever to World Revival Church and sat in on my first 3 hour service and I wasn't bored once; in fact, I was on the edge of my seat and left wanting more. "You mean it's over? We have to leave now? Are you sure you didn't miss a page?"

Now I attend a church where I am there from 9:30 a.m. (due to sound check, pre-morning prayer and then service) until usually 3:30-4:00 and people give me that look that screams ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU MAD? SUNDAY IS 'ME' TIME! Does that make me better than you? Most certainly not. I am just wanting to share with you that I have been in several of those "hour long, out by noon, get you to the buffet in time" churches and left their feeling unfulfilled, restless, tired, glad it was over and yet proud that I had fulfilled my "moral goodness" by showing up and warming my seat. I have also been in 3 churches that have those "long services" (you know the ones most people think would be torturous) and have left them feeling connected, equipped, renewed and not wanting to leave just yet. Why? What was the difference? God showed up in one type of service and not the other. Not that it was the length that had anything to do with it but the pastor's passion to preach the word of God and not some humanistic drivel; it had to do with the pastor's heart to see God glorified and His power and presence be present.

It's just like Christmas

Thinking back to when I was a young girl, I remember the Christmas count down and the jittery feeling of excitment on Christmas Eve and the not being able to fall asleep due to the anticipation. I find myself feeling that way RIGHT NOW!

Facebook revealed a secret to me!

Billy's status read: William is EXCITED to be going to Canada!

I was all WHAT!?! If he is coming to Canada, HE HAD BETTER BE COMING HERE! So I, as calmly as I could, messaged him, asking him to what he was referring to.

He sent me one back stating that Friday, after work he will be leaving to come back for a week. First stop: Nipawin. He will be at our house on Wednesday through to Saturday sometime when he leaves.

Now, take note, when I say "he" I don't know if I am meaning "they" or not yet. I am not sure if Nat is able to come to, wants to come or is coming...at this point of the day.

So, there are 6 more sleeps until we get to see him/them! I am SO NOT telling Jellybean and Bug because I really would like to see someone pee themselves from surprise and excitment for real life just once! Seriously! I am NOT kidding! Well...maybe. Kinda. Sort of. Not really. I do think it WOULD be funny.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At a Crossroads

That's how I have been feeling lately. I am moving forward and there are people that I seem to be "leaving behind"; people that don't want to move forward. I have been trying to hang onto those people but I think it's time to let go and completely move on. How can I continue to move forward while hanging onto them? Seems to be a bit too much baggage for me to bring on this walk.

My spirit is mourning for those I "leave" as are my personal emotions. I continue to love them and pray for them but I think certain ties need to be broken in order to free me up. I feel tied down - not capable of going higher with these yolks.

On a lighter and happier note: I am really glad to be able to go visit my dad & Jude tomorrow night with the kids. It's going to be great!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I don't wanna be a hypocrite

"People are not the only ones who don't like hypocrisy. God has a strong distaste for it, too, according to what the Bible says. He calls hypocrisy "yeast". What is the main thing yeast does? It takes over a lot of dough. A little bit of yeast can make a whole batch of dough rise, change shape, and become something different. God likes good metaphors, so when he saw hypocrisy among his followers, he thought yeast was the best picture of what hypocrisy does. It affects the whole church by silently invading it and changing it from the inside out."

"Dualism: It's Greek to Me
Here's how to be a hypocrite: Compartmentalize your life. Divide the spiritual from the material. Be two different people in those two arenas. That's exactly what religion has done, and as a result religion doesn't allow people to be fully human and to experience God in every aspect of life. We lead sub-divided lives. Religion has not even allowed us to enjoy. It has put enjoyment in the fleshly category and, therefore, it is evil.

Most people don't want to be hypocrites, but they don't always know how to be otherwise. I think hypocrisy is a learned behavior that we got from the ancient Greeks. They came up with this idea called "dualism," which says that the spirit world is separate from the material world. In Greek philosophy and religion, the physical body is considered evil. Physical pleasrues are evil andin a real spiritual person ought to create guilt feelings..."

Taken from the book "My Absurd Religion by Which I Make My Living" by Pastor Steve Gray.
Want to finish his thoughts on this matter? Check out Amazon.com and get your own copy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mamas Unite

I've been spending a bit of time - ok, you got me, too much time lately checking out the blog of a mom of 4 gorgeous kids. She is a funny lady, a great photographer, a Christian and her youngest son has a HUGE testimony that will leave you crying, then rejoicing then crying then rejoicing and completely on the edge of your seat (which is why I have been spending too much time with this blog family as of late.)

Dixie, she was even blogging from the hospital as she went through this and I know you would love to read all about her McMiracle baby.

If you have a spare few minutes - or a free afternoon check out MckMama's blog.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

But where, then, is Bill Cosby? If we are about to do this we need Bill! Evidently there was a miscommunication and he was double-booked or something so we are doing this sans Billy Cosby. Well, we can make the best of it, right?

Sometimes my children (well, all children but I only know what mine say) say things or even do things that leave me try so hard to not laugh at them that I feel I may burst or, at the very least, pee my pants. Take this morning for example: Bug has been in a real odd state of mind as of late and I, personally, am blaming it on every weather man who tells us it will still be minus 30 in March! Bug got a LONG sliver straight under his pinkie fingernail this morning and asked "what in the heck that is" as I pulled it out. I explained to him that it was a sliver and off he went without another word and without hesitation to gobble up his Cheerios. During our morning prayer with everyone, BigB asked if anyone needed prayer for anything and Bug pipes up that he needs prayer for his "pinkie fingver" (remember he is losing all his teeth and with that he has developed some weird lispy thing). BigB asked what was wrong with the finger and Bug explains to him, "Dis mornin' I had a suave in it and it's still hurtin'".

Just try to keep a straight face while praying when you have that level of cuteness and hilarity to contend with.

Fastforward to all of us in the van going to the places we all need to be at, at all the same time. We saw a Coach passenger bus (the one that carries our local WHL hockey team) and I asked BigB why they need to have an Alaskan plate on the bus when it is a coach from our province. He was explaining that it had something to do with having to pay taxes when in Alaska if you don't blah, blah, blah. I think I stopped listening when it wasn't an exceptionally interesting reason. Bug chirped from the back seat about how he misses his favorite hockey player (the one who he clicked with at the library group) and that he wants "to go, with Daddy, again, to see those guys pay their taxes."

DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ONLY HALF LISTEN TO SOMETHING? You think that hockey players pay their taxes and that paying your taxes is just as much fun as playing hockey because it is the same thing because DAD SAID! Good thing we got it all straight in his head now and he, apparently, "gets it now".

On another note, Jellybean and Bug learned quite a few more signs with Rush's help after supper. I think the list of last night's signs include the following: sick, not, funny, gross, toilet, good night, cute and I believe that is it. I was working on signing the alphabet a bit with Bug while I tucked him into bed. He thinks this signing stuff is great and LOVES to show what he is learning to Daddy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

He just won't let up!

Bug's tooth came out at the sitter's today and, as I was getting him tucked into his bed tonight, he says, "So, you think she'll be bringing me straight money this time?"


Uh, I...don't...think so!

Bug as another wiggly tooth; it has been since he lost the first one but I think he forgot to work at it. So here sits this tooth with the replacement a quarter grown in all ready but a fair ways behind where it should be properly placed. I have, since noticing this, been reminding Bug to wiggle his tooth.

He is all ready setting himself up to be quite the business man though. Take a gander at what he said to me through wiggles and grimaces.

Bug: So, ah, Mom, you fink fer dis one I can get some straight money?

Me: (As I try to quickly decipher the meaning of 'straight money' and realizing it means bills and not coins, and try to not laugh my butt off at him.) Buddy, that would be a VERY expensive tooth. The smallest amount of straight money is $5 and I don't think teeth go for that...unless you're a dentist. Sorry.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

I have come to know my husband well enough over the last few years that when his youngest two children are bathing together, and I see out of the corner of my eye that they are both lying down, side by side, in the tub and I hear them begin to giggle uncontrollably saying, "Look Mom, we're a fountain!", I had probably better NOT look.

Hi, I am mom, Juice Box Hero...

It seems like the last couple of weeks things have been up in the air for us; we didn't quite know what was going on with the car or if the van could be fixed or if we could buy Papa Joe's car or why BigB hadn't gotten his pay check yet, among other things.

We didn't panick or freak out or worry or fret; we simply stayed our ground (sometimes an amazing feat when it seems you aren't even touching the ground). We relied on who we should rely on; which, by the way, is not yourself or some type of system but God. God is our source; our pay check isn't our source and we relied on that - on Him.

How rewarding in the end! We found out that we would be getting $1465.00 from SGI for the car (which we probably could have sold before the accident for $600-$800); our van was fixed for under $500 and is back on the road. We are buying Papa Joe's car (from what I understand) for $800 (I think) and BigB is getting a pay check very shortly; the people he works for just didn't know some loose ends that needed tied up. Yay!

This weekend we are planning a Wii party for the kids. They each are having one friend stay over on Saturday and we will play Wii (maybe even rent a couple games that we don't have for something new to try), order a couple loaded pies (never mind there will be 5 year old boys and 8 year old girls; make those cheese pies), get some munchies and have a real, live shindig for the kids.

We have been on a real purging streak for the last while and it is a slow-going process. I have, so far, taken 7 bags of clothes out that are too small (just for the girls!) and have another 3 gathered all ready. Last night I didn't get much accomplished, housework-wise but I did get another month of pictures into and labeled in our photo album (from there it will be easy to copy the information to the kids' albums), rubbed Rush's neck and back, found her the heat pad (sock) to wrap around her neck and got some laundry done...well, washed & dried.

On tonight's agenda: bath Jellybean & Bug, work on Rush's neck again, get more laundry done, get lunches made, finish up with the pictures I have left to do from last night and possibly start going through my clothes to see what I can get rid of.

I am Mom...that makes me a Juicebox hero! (Something Bug called me the other day.) Do I get a cape with that, Bug?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Honor, I object! He's badgering the juror!

This morning I go to the Court House for my first ever Juror Summons and I must have been thinking about that as I drifted off to sleep last night as I ended up having a strange dream about the whole thing.

It started off with me in this grungy wooden box sitting on a blue milk rate while the two lawyers starting rattling off questions at me. When were you born? Is that your true hair color? Are you wearng matching socks? What did you eat for breakfast? When is the last time you ate carbohydrates? Pretty soon their questioning came at me like a couple of German Shepherd Drug Dogs finding the mother load...bar...bar...bar...bar...BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK!!!

These two lawyers hurling their questions at me through their barks eventually sounded like a constant rumble and the noise got louder and louder until...it woke me up. However, I still heard the noise and thought I must still be sleeping. That is, until I gained enough consiousness to realzie that the constant rumble that had woke me from my dream was not the lawyers and their ridiculous questions but my real life husband SNORING!

Monday, March 09, 2009

And if you thought THAT was bad

Most of you know that our poor Regal was totalled off a couple weeks ago when it was brutally and senselessly rear-ended. (OK, maybe I am being overly dramatic but I think that may be a genetic malfunction!) Since this heinous act the trunk has not fit properly; meaning, when you think the trunk is closed it really isn't and it is always on the verge of open...somewhat latched but not really close, not even a little bit.

So, let's put the above variable with the bumpy, ice-built-up streets and what hypothesis do you reach? I can tell you! As each bump is hit the trunk bounces up ever. so. slightly. You can see the momentum of the trunk climb as each bump is hit and eventually you spend the entire drive looking in the rear view mirror waiting for the trunk to rudely and inconsideratly hurl itself into the rear window! IT NEARLY TAKES YOUR BREATHE AWAY!

Thankfully, on this trip the trunk would bounce ever so slightly open and then bounce itself ever so slightly, not really even close to closed and repeat said cycle. Still not something I would recommend for someone with a nerve or hert condition. Thankfully, I AM STABLE AS A ROCK!


Hanging by a moment

That's how I felt, like at any moment, what I feared (and I use the term loosely), was going to happen would happen. BigB had called to let me know he was done school and ready to be picked up. I ran out the door balancing mitts, phone and all those other important run-out-the-door items. My hands were so full I couldn't get the car keys unlodged from my coat pocket so I did the only thing I could think of to free a hand...took my cell phone, which is on vibrate, and clenched it in my teeth. No sooner was I completely committed to this act when the thought hit me "HE IS SO TOTALLY GONNA CALL ME RIGHT NOW, ISN'T HE!?"

A few anxiety ridden moments later (heh, my front teeth are not authentic as I knocked THEM out learning to skate backwards in those ridiculous danger boots on blades with picks when I was 5 1/2) I settled into the car and spat out the phone call-less. WHEW!

Sit for a bit and get to know us on a much deeper level. :D

What are your middle names?My middle name is Melanie. BigB's middle name is Arthur. Now guess whose middle name Rush wanted when she wanted to change her last name when she was 6 years old. Yeppers, not mine!

How long have you been together?We have been married for 9 years this June and together since 1997. Crap! Has it been THAT long? Wow!

How long did you know each other before you started dating? Um a few months. We had met in a bar. He liked me; I thought he was really weird in a backwoods, hillbilly, red-neck kind of way and he stared at me WAY TOO LONG before we had even talked to each other. Well, technically I had all ready talked to him but yelling at him to get out of my way while I ran my puking friend to the bathroom totally doesn't count!

Who asked whom out? We had gone out a couple of times as "friends" with a group of people. Little did I know what "friends" really meant. So, I guess that doesn't count. I asked him to babysit for me while I was working my night job at the bar and he never left. So, uh...I guess me.

How old are each of you?I'm 34 and he is 41. Do you know how much fun it is to remind him that he was married with a kid and I was still in high school or that while I was in grade 12 his son was in kindergarten or that the tv shows he watched I only saw as re-runs?

Whose siblings do you see the most? Well, we see his brother once a year tops so I guess mine. Yay! I win!

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? Well, I guess that would have to be the fact that I get stressed out over not being able to work part-time and being home more with the kids and taking care of the kids and keeping my house as clean as it was when I was on maternity leave. Oh, how i long for those days when I had the time to be able to make rainbow cups and worms and dirt for my children...Ah, the good ole days.

Did you go to the same school? Nope, we sure didn't. In fact our high schools were rival high schools, just like the T-birds and the Scorpions. We hated L.P. Miller! Mustangs ROCK! I went to Office Admin and he went into GeekNerd; totally different schools needed for those classes.

Are you from the same home town? No, I grew up country gal cool and he grew up in a small town with a statue of a white fox (weird).

Who is smarter?What kind of smarter are we talking about here because I am more of a school smart and he is more of a LOVEMOM COULD YOU PLEASE STOP WRECKING COMPUTERS kind of smart. His strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths, his weaknesses. In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire "You complete me". GAG! No really, we do.

Who is the most sensitive?I refuse to answer this question on grounds that it may incriminate me and be used in a court of law somewhere.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?Um, hello we don't really have any good places here in town but we LOVE going to Kansas City to go to Mongolian BBQ. Well, that's not the only reason because that would be an unbelievably, stupidly expensive date.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?From the edge of divorce to restoration. Is that far enough or do you want a carnal answer? Fine then! Go with the boring, non-rejoicing answer! Kansas City, MO.

Who has the craziest exes? Could you give me a little more clarity on your definition of crazy...?

Who has the worst temper? BigB is quick tempered but I am more volcanoish in nature so in our very different ways I think we are equal. However, we are both working on eliminating my answer here. Yay us!

Who does the cooking?Rush but only because I work until 5. I make the meal plan though and do as much prep-work as I can so I guess we tag team as much as possible. There are dishes BigB makes that we could NOT LIVE WITHOUT like pizza and meatball stroganoff and boy, can that man grill a steak!

Who is the neat-freak? I used to go to his house just to move his salt and pepper shakers slightly and watch him squirm as he tried to resist moving them back. Need I say more?

Who is more stubborn? I am not stubborn I am determined as I am Norwegian. WE Norwegians are determined and not at all stubborn. BigB, on the other hand, is stubborn. Combine those two genes inour children and you get OH DEAR LORD GIVE US STRENGTH!

Who hogs the bed?Next question please...Ok, serioulsy we both take turns. Some mornings I wake up with BigB's face imprinted in the side of my face; other mornings I wake up to find him curled in the fetal position at the foot of the bed and I at a 90 degree angle.

Who wakes up earlier?This is definitely where I do NOT shine!

Where was your first date?The first place we ate at was a Humpty's at 4 AM after leaving the bar but that wasn't really a date. Was it? We went to this really cool Italian restaurant once with THE BEST brushetta EVER! Our first date was SUPPOSED to be a David Wilcox concert but he stood me up so I went with other friends.

Who is more jealous?In the past, definitely BigB but I think that jealous bone has diminished somewhat or he has it well disguised.

How long did it take to get serious?We were in denial for so long. "JUST FRIENDS" that I would have to ask my friend Crystal when we got serious b/c she was more intuned with our feelings than we were!

Who eats more?BigB definitely.

Who does the laundry?We both do.

Who's better with the computer?Considering he went to school to be a GeekNerd I sure hope he is!

Who drives when you are together?He does. I think its because he doesn't like going corners at speeds that cause his tummy to do back-flips; he's not one for those kind of carnival rides, I guess. My driving is faster than the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Friday, March 06, 2009

He's a Hot Dog in the literal sense of the word

Bug told me about a dream he had last night & I think he got his strange dream gene from me. (Now my strange dreams aren't nearly as frequent as Dixie's but, they are surprisingly as strange. Back to Bug.)

He told me that last night he dreamt he was a hot dog and some guys were chasing him trying to eat him so he laid down on the ground and rolled over them to beat them up...

I think we are going to have our hands full with this one. Not only is he a boob man, but he's a hot dog too! Yikes!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

All you need is love?

"I thought Christianity was primarily about loving people, but it's not. Truthfully, not until the last ten years of my life have I ever put much effort into loving God. I wanted God to love me. I wanted God to help others love me. I wanted God to help melove others. Somehow I missed the most significant commandment in the Bible. Love God.

I found it so liberating to discover that the universe is not all about me. I don't have to be the special kid or the center of attention. I simply need to love God. Even prayer is not about me. I simply need to love God. Even prayer is not about me. Jesus said, "Pray like this: Father, hallowed, reverenced, and honored is your name." Immediately Jesus shifted attention to God. When you pray, shift your attention away from yourself as well. It's not about you or me; it's about him.

These days I'm not looking for self-worth. I'm not trying to feel special. I don't have to be God's poster child. I am just me, loving God. I have walked away from absurd religion that doesn't work. I'm inviting you to do the same.

It's very simple. If God's kingdom and rule is going to come into your life now, then your kingdom and rule must step aside. This is healthy for you. It is healthy for me. It really comes down to the old, forgotten idea Jesus talked about of "dying to self". That sounds a lot different that self-esteem - and it should. God's way is not through pumping ourselves up; it's through humility and loss of self.

The "me" generation cannot be first anymore. The center must change. It is time for a God centered religion. When that change happens, God's presence will be real rather than rare. We will get the God of the Bible back. We will see the power of God." (Pastor Steve Gray "My Absurd Religion by Which I Make my Living")

I would like to be able to simply say "Yeah! That's right!" but, I have a lot to say about it. Perhaps I will be able to put it as minimally as possible; perhaps not.

I have to agree that we have found ourselves in the midst of the "me" generation. For the most part, humanity is concerned about one thing and one thing only "ME!". "How will that affect me?" How will this affect my future?" How am I going to deal with that?" "What is my purpose, my goal, my vision, my destiny, my calling?" "That's not the way I do things." "I take what I feel applies to me out of the Bible, sermons etc."

Where is the focus there? Me, me, me. We need to purpose to switch our focus from us to God. It's not about "me". I know. I am in my own learning and restructuring curve on this; it is, in the beginning, difficult to pray with your focus on God instead of self or making your decisions based on God and not you. Instead of turning God into an add-on feature in our lives we need to capture him, grab onto him, set him in our sights and make HIM our focus... I guess that Toby Keith song is misleading. You know the one, "I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about number 1..."


When Rush turned 14 years old I had a "talk" with her about having pre-sets about certain things. I told her as a girl (and a beautiful one at that) she needed to set in her mind things that would just "be" there like her favorite radio station pre-set by the push of a button. Some of those things were what behaviors she would not tolerate from a boy, what her boundaries would be when it comes to "dating"; things like that - things that I wanted her to have decided that she would not need to think about (and therefore, be subject to peer pressure or what have you).

We don't make decisions monthly about whether we are going to pay our mortgage/rent or daily as to whether we will eat that day or not. We have made a pre-set decision to do those things. Why not make pre-set decisions regarding our Christianity?

Pastor Steve Gray says this about pre-sets in "My Absurd Religion by Which I Make My Living":

"So why, when it comes to religion, is everything always subject to our feelings? Because the humanistic gospel caters to our feelings. Our energy is spent constantly analyzing our feelings and then acting accordingly. What a confusing way to live!

Life works much better when we make decisions that are no longer subject to our feelings. There are some thigs we should always do, and some things we should never do. For example, a Christian should always go to church, always tithe, always worship, and always nurture the fruit of the Spirit. Why? Because the Bible says to, and Jesus did these same things. Some things we should never do are get cranky, gossip, get bitter or judgemental, or return evil for evil. Those are just a few examples. They aren't based on our feelings. They are part of the pre-set behaviors we adopt when we decide to live like Christians. It's much easier to live by pre-sets than to make decisions based on our shifting feelings or moods. It actually becomes a stress reliever."

Why not spend time to make pre-sets for yourself personally, in your Christian life, in your parenting (make pre-sets to determine means of dealing with issues so that you aren't making your decisions based on feelings when those issues arise) and in your financial life (just to name a few)? It will make things easier and less stressful when you don't have to weigh your options or your feelings when something comes up.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Anatomy of a Frog

Tonight Rush was watching a video, for school, on the disection of a bull frog. At one point the disector told us that this was a female frog. Bug was sitting on my lap, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Ah mom, how can he tell? Where are the boobs?"