Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's kind of exciting!

Well it is! Are you arguing with me?! Seriously?

Ok. I am done being silly. I am going to blame it on all that totally cool thunder we are getting today! I always get in a goofy mood when there is a thunder storm and the better the storm, well, the goofier I get. It seems to stir something up in me because I feel so energetic and like a ball of live wires or something but I digress.

Wow! That one was so close and loud it made me jump! Too cool! (Digressing again...)

Let me get to the point of what is kind of exciting. Rush is turning 16 this summer.

{16?! Seriously, when did this happen!? I mean wasn't it just yesterday she was a chubby faced, pigtailed 2 year old taking her poodle/terrier, Princess, for a walk? Wasn't it just last week that she cried when her Papa Ray told her that his sprayer killed weeds and she cried and begged him to promise to NEVER KILL WEEDS AGAIN!? Wasn't it? It wasn't really THAT long ago that she strutted out of her Kindergarten classroom proud as punch over the fact that she had met the Queen of England? (Really it was the school secretary dressed up as the Queen but there was no telling my Rush that. She met the Queen and that was THAT!) Has that much time really passed since we found her fixing Pa's swather with a yellow and green handled chisel? Wasn't it last week we took these pictures?}

Yes, Rush is turning 16 years old this summer and she has morphed from an adorable little girl with the biggest, bluest eyes and biggest heart to a beautiful young lady with the most beautiful green eyes and the biggest heart. (Yes, I am aware her eyes went from blue to green.)

So, as her mom, I want something special for my daughter's Sweet 16, from gift to party. (By the way, her Dad wants these things to; it's not just me.) I am not telling the gift as I don't know how often she reads here but I can tell you about the party. (Do you guys know how much I LOVE to plan parties? I love, love, LOVE it!)

The afternoon of her party is going to spent at the Spa with a few of her close friends and, of course, her mama. When we are done there, we will be going to our house for a family supper and her "bestest" friend will most likely be spending the night.

The invitation parts are now printed on their appropriate page color (vanilla; I didn't have any caramel left); I will then be putting them onto a chocolate background and finishing them off with a nice green ribbon and I have printed spa information on kiwi paper. Supper invites are on the kiwi green and I will finish those off with a chocolate ribbon. (Rush loves green.)

I have plans for refreshments at the spa (including fruit with dip, cheese, crackers, chocolate and some cupcakes ~ yummy!)

I am so very excited and I really hope it all goes off the way it has played out in my head several times since planning it.

Now, it is time to get planning Bug's 6th birthday but first I need to contact his buddy's mom to see if she wants another joint party this year (since their birthdays are only days away from each others). It seems he is wanting to go to the park for an all out run around and play, weiner roast kind of day. Easy enough.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Do NOT start a phone call conversation like this EVER

Moments ago my phone at work rang; it was BigB. He is going to give you an excellent example of how NOT to start a conversation.

"First of all, he's ok."

and then there was a pause...

I have to admit that during that pause I immediately forgot 'first of all, he's ok'. I immediately went to who is he (given the terribly high fever Bug had been fighting up until yesterday and the fact that LilB just left our house to travel to Calgary for a family reunion with his mom's family and I have a terribly vivid imagination (quick too) and several people and scenarios popped into my head).

What should I have done? Turned my fears and imagination directly and immediately over to God and waited for BigB to finish.

Here's the scoop.
As I had said LilB was on his way to Calgary to the family reunion and in a city very near ours he was side swiped; his car is pretty smashed up which means he can not drive to the reunion and he is returning to our house as we speak I type this.

He IS ok; he is pretty ticked off that his car has so much damage to it and I think he will have to remain here until his car is fixed (which has it's pluses and negatives - plus that we get to visit with him, negative that he misses the reunion with his other family and his return to his home in Missouri may be delayed depending on when it can be repaired.)

But don't. ever. start a conversation like that with anyone. ever! Especially if that person is someone whose family didn't want to tell her her brother had a heart attack because she is 'overly sensitive' and 'overly protective' and would 'freak out' (read panic)

How to handle this type of conversation (only from the side of the person doing the calling and scaring and not the replies from the person recieving said call and being scared):
"Hi. How is your day going?"
"Great. Me? I'm doing all right. Oh, I just wanted to let you know that someone side swiped LilB in (insert name of city near ours here) so he is on his way back here. I guess we'll be getting a few more days with him after all."

A lot nicer, heh? A lot less room for panic and imagination to creep in. A lot more focus on the smooshing of the car than the possible smooshing and/or breaking of the son.

Lesson over. Never forget it!

***Edited to add***
LilB has since decided to carry on to Calgary (as I was just informed through a second call) and is taking care of accident business at the police station of "city very near us". I have to admit, it is extremely difficult to say 'goodbye' to your child twice in one day with the excitement of getting to spend more time with him smooshed in between good bye's. This is where I would kick the dirt with a swiping motion of my feet, gestured with a closed fist a motion of disappointment by moving said fist slightly to the front of my body, cast my eyes downward and give a HUGE melodramatic sigh. If I were totally into those kinds of antics, shich I so totally am NOT.

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! A fun and therapeutic way to deal with our not-so-proud and not-so-glorious moments from the week. It was created by MckMama, mom to many small children. So pop on over to her site to read what she and others have NOT done in the past week. Here is what she has to say about Not Me Mondays:

"Are you feeling guilty for pretending not to notice as your child sucked toothpaste out of the tube? Feel like a slouch for wearing your husband's big, baggy t-shirts all day? We'll don't! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!"

I did NOT play nursemaid to my family all wee - one at a time it seems. Bug did NOT fight a temperature between 38.5 and 40.7 Celsius (which is approximately 100 to 103 temp) for 4 days. With his temperature so high I did NOT end up taking him to the doctor and, therefore, don't have these pictures to share with you.

I had only left him on the couch for 5 minutes while I tucked another sick child into their bed and I came upstairs to this sight - Bug passed out on the loveseat with his bottle tucked in his arm; I did NOT have to snap a picture because I found it terribly humourous given the fact that he reminded me of a 5 year old version of a park-bench person. Nope, NOT ME; I don't find humor in the strangest most inappropriate places, especially when I am tired.


We did NOT spend most of our visit with LilB dealing with gingerale, thermometers, tylenol, lukewarm baths, "nuggles" and pukepails and not nearly as much visiting as we had hoped. BigB and LilB did, however, get to make it to the golf course twice before both were struck with this flu.

With all the sickness running amuck in my household and all the HIGH fevers, I did NOT spend most of my time running around with this in my hand

run to one person, checking a temp, running to disinfect, on to the next, and so on. Nope, NOT ME! We are the epitomy of health ALL the time.


It was NOT our 9th anniversary on Wednesday and we were NOT scheduled to teach in Youth that day so we did NOT do anything for our anniversary until Saturday afternoon. We did NOT have a great lunch at a nice vietnamese restaurant having hot and sour soup and special vermicelli (YUM) along with some great conversation!

I usually do NOT have a reflective day on our anniversary because it is not just our anniversary but two special people's birthdays as well and so I did NOT get emotional and write about it here. NOT ME! I am not senitmental AT ALL.

With all the sick children I had to contend with I did NOT make it to church Friday night just to turn around and take two of them home right after I was done singing. I did NOT feel a smidge selfish because I did NOT want to stay so I could sit with LilB during a service as it has been so long. I did NOT wish I could have stayed to listen to the sermon as it was on Persistance and Consistency. Nope, I am never selfish about anything so NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME!

I did NOT have my cell phone with my at church (eventually giving it to BigB) because we were waiting for the doctor to phone us with news from the pediatrician as to what he wanted us to do with Bug and all his feverness. (I did NOT just make up the word 'feverness'.)

The pediatrician said to just continue with what we were doing but they did NOT put his name on a list so the on-call ped would be aware of him should we have to take him into emergency. We, thankfully, did not have to take him!

I did NOT end up laughing at my children or my husband as they said some very silly, fever-induced things that made no sense because I am ever the sensitive one and I would NEVER laugh at the expense of my family especially when they aren't feeling well - no matter how silly their words are. NOT ME!
Because of all the sickness that has NOT been making its rounds in my house I will NOT be spending my days off this week (I have Wed, Thurs, Fri off) disinfencting my house. I will NOT probably take a break from it on the evening of Wednesday so my family & I can enjoy the Canada Day celebrations and fireworks (if there is no fireban or anything and they still have them). I am NOT looking forward to that and don't have to go out today or tomorrow to buy our Canada Day red & white accessories.

So that is what I have NOT been doing this week. I wonder what I won't do next week. Hopefully something that deals a lot less with medication and thermometers.

I will leave you with a sight that I did NOT see last night just to prove to you that LilB is not as big of a geeknerd as BigB.

Nope. I do NOT have two geeknerds in my family and still do NOT have a broken computer with scads of pictures on a hard drive that I can not get to and a weak little laptop to carry me through. Since there is so much computer knowledge in my family, I always have a finely tuned computer...just like the mechanics wife has the smoothest running car and the carpenter's wife never has half-finished projects in her house. NOT!!!!!
I did NOT find out how terribly easy it is to make s'mores in the microwave and how delicious they are NOT! I always thought microwaved s'mores would be gross. I guess that's why I did NOT eat at least one a day every day last week at work! Nope, NOT ME! I have way more will power than that and can so totally resist its melty chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness...{drool}


I also did NOT look down yesterday morning while singing on the Worship team, in front of our congregation to see my belt (with a d-link buckle) had come undone and my belt was swinging in the breeze in front of all to see (at least it wasn't keeping my pants up). I also did NOT discover the underwire to my bra sticking out the top of my shirt during alter call. I most certainly did NOT discover either of these things as I make darn sure I am well put together, never falling apart, especially in public places. I would never have left the house with such defective clothing and it would NOT have been a smidge embarrassing )darn pride! {grin}

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby's got back nerve

A couple days ago Jellybean informed me that she saw the next door neighbor in is yard as she took the garbage out.

"I decided I needed to talk to him, Mama."

"You did?" (Um, this doesn't sound good. What did she say?! What did she say?!) What did you say, baby?"

"I just let him know that I go to bed at 8:30 and that his kids are too loud outside and they keep me awake real late and maybe he might wanna keep them in the house after 8:00 and put them to bed, please."

(Oh dear Lord, she's telling this man how to parent his children. He is going to be offended. Red alert! We have an offended neighbor! What are we gonna...Heh! Good for her for at least making her needs known and for not just accepting it as the way things have to be. She did say 'please'.)
"Um? Honey, you probably shouldn't have said that to him, ok? But I am glad that you were polite in trying to fix your problem; I am also glad that you tried to fix your problem. You DID say 'please' right? I mean, you told him nicely?"

"Yes, mama I was nice to him."

What do you think? Do I make them cookies or pretend like it never happened?

" Ye....es," she said, cautiously, wondering where this was going.

Bug (just out of the blue during a moment or two of silence): Mama boys don't have boobies; they have pecs.

You Give Me Fever...

This handsome, fun-loving...

...and kind young man

is sick.

He woke yesterday morning with a fever; it started to come down slightly. When I got home from work it was almost 41 degrees Celsius (not entirely sure what that is in Farenheit - about 104). A lukewarm bath brought it down to a not too bad level. I was told he didn'thave a fever when going to bed last night; he woke this morning and it was 38.5. He snuggled with his brother LilB grinning like an idiot that he was really here (yesterday must have been fever induced dream like); I talked to Jellybean on the phone today and she informed me that Bug was outside with LilB working on our car. I received a text from BigB saying Bug was even playing this morning.
A half hour ago, LilB text me to say Bug's fever is back up to 38.5 and he is, once again, lethargic (but not as bad as yesterday).
There may be a trip to the doctor planned AND I think I will be excusing myself from tonight's Youth Group waterfight and watermelon eating contest to "nuggle" with my sick boy. BigB and LilB are more than capable and I will be where my heart longs to be anyway, caring for my children (well, one anyway - the others, that are here, will be in the midst of waterfights, watermelon and BigB's devotional "Being Drenched in the Spirit"). I think I will send my camera along in hopes that one of the 3 capable of picture taking will snap a photo or two of the watery fun!

May I Present to You

the pictures I promised.
Three of my beautiful children (CRPS awards - Bug, Rush, Jellybean)
Jellybean and the yellow poppy.

The Junior's school performance (Jellybean & Kolby)

Jellybean's awards...

BigB getting his certificate for completion of first year.

Because it's a Special Day

That's right today is a special day. June 24th always has been. My grandpa was born on June 24, 1900 in Odda, Norway; he was my best friend. He had twinkling, mischievious eyes that sparkled when he was up to something (just like my very own Bug's do) and he loved to hear you laugh. He loved to steal our desserts by fabricating some kind of story of some animal or another coming down the driveway in order to distract us. He pulled on his earlobe to hear you even though he had hearing aides and he always had to do something to be helping out even when his years failed his body. He always said "Oh ye" and the way he said my name, with his Norwegian accent, I can't even begin to describe how it made me feel (What did he call me? Anyula) His feet were extremely ticklish and his sense of humor and love of laughing and jokes made his eyes shine like a young boy. I loved his eyes; there was so much love and life in them and sometimes I find myself just staring into his eyes through the pictures I have of him on my living room wall. Grandpa always told me that the eyes were the window to the soul; he had a beautiful soul and today was his birthday which is why...

...today marks my 9th anniversary. I have been married to BigB for 9 years now and it has been rocky and it hasn't always been sunshine and roses smiling upon us. There were times when it seemed like this moment would not have gotten here but it did and we are changed. We are closer than ever before and it is only getting better. We have learned how to honor each other properly; we have learned that the closer we draw to God the closer we seem to draw to each other. We have learned that love is not a noun but an action and we have learned to step into our proper roles as man and wife. We have learned what proper submission is and how it pertains to us and each other.

I love being married to my husband; he provides for us as best as he can in so many ways and on so many levels. He has been a great father to my children. I am very blessed to have him (as he is to have me). It says in the Bible that marriage is "when two become one" and I can tell you taht the rocky parts of our marriage were when we fought being one and sought to be our own, when we were trying to go on our own path and drag the other with us. We are now walking, in unison, down the same path, to the same goal, focused on the same finish line and we are SO MUCH closer to being one.

I can't wait to see what this next year holds for the two of us because we both know that we will continue to grow closer. So, I love you, hun. Happy Anniversary!

You would think that would be enough to make this day special right? But that isn't all. Today is my "sister's" mom's birthday. Huh? My "sister". C'mon, you all have one! You all have that friend that is not a friend but a sister; the friend that time, distance or other circumstances does not change or alter your relationship because it is on a different level than friend. Anyway, today is my "sister's" mom's birthday. Her name is Judy and she is a beautiful woman! She really truly is. She is gorgeous but aside from that she is a beautiful woman. Remember the eye thing my grandpa told me? Judy is beautiful, not just outwardly, but her soul is beautiful. She is kind, full of life and is just an all-round great lady. To Rush, she is a grandma and always will be, and, although, we don't see her much anymore (due to our moving) we think of her often...especially today. Happy Birthday (Grandma B) Judy! We ♥ you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been A Couple Days

What can I say? I have been busy with lots of little things and some pretty important things like Friday night's CRPS awards, visiting with my mom on Saturday, teaching Children's Church on Sunday morning and attending CRTC's grad on Sunday night.

The kids at CRPS have all done so well this year and it was great to see them get recognition for their hardwork. (I'll only tell of my three since none of the people who read here know any of the other kids.) Rush & Bug got certificates with a character trait on them and a trophy; Jellybean got this as well. She also received trophies for highest Junior average in Social Studies and in Science, as well as getting a medal for memorizing all of her memory verses. We then had a fun time of food, fellowship and cake to celebrate the kids hardwork.

Saturday morning my mom came for a visit; she joined me at music practice to take a listen to us and the two of us headed for some mom/daughter time and hit a local restaurant for some nachos and laughing. She shared supper with the whole family, watched Fireproof with us and then headed back home.

I had a bit of work to do on my Children's Church lesson for Sunday morning before going to bed. Children's Church was great! I taught on "Quality time with 'Dad'" given that it was Father's Day and some of the kids had a pretty firey time of prayer at the end of class. It was great to watch these young kids crying out for God to touch them in powerful ways and to give them the discipline to spend that quality time with Him.

We took BigB out for lunch/supper between service and the CRTC grad ceremony. Proud moments that night too. A lot of people overcame having not been in school for almost longer than I have been around or learning disorders and other situations as well. I got my marks from the first semester that I had taken classes (I put the schooling on hold to be with the kids more right now) and I ended up with a 92.7%; I was pretty pleased with that and I look forward to when I do go back.

Today, we are counting down hours as LilB is on his way to our house from KC as we speak and should be here sometime tonight. It is going to be very nice to see him in person as he has been going through some difficulties and it will just be reassuring for this mom to see her son in person and see that he is ok.

Tonight Rush & I are going to a barbeque for the music team and BigB and I are in the midst of planning tomorrow's youth night: water ballons and watermelon to go along with BigB speaking ("Being Drenched in the Spirit - can't wait to hear that one).

So, that's it in a nutshell. It's been fun and I will put pictures up of the past events and the soon-to-be events. I just am running a bit short on time right now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

One word...Aaaahhhhh!

Spa day with my co-workers was fabulous, wonderful, relaxing and do-over-and-over again enjoyable! Rush & I plan to go for some mom and daughter chill-out time closer to her 16th birthday.

What did I do? I relaxed to the point of sleeping during my Iron Mineral Body Scrub & Aloe Wrap (aaaahhhh); after which I enjoyed several relaxing minutes (about 15) of solitude in the wet sauna, some laughter and stories in their therapeutic pool, deliriously relaxing time in the infrared sauna (again about 15 minutes {apparently this aids in weight loss - yay!}), ate some cheese, crackers, grapes and chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing decor and atmosphere they have lovingly created at Serenity Spa.

What is there to say but, aaaahhhhh.....

Unfortunately someone took some blurry pictures but I am totally relaxed during my Mineral Scrub and Aloe Wrap.

What a fabulous afternoon. I am so looking forward to being able to spend some great, relaxing time just me and Rush here.

...and here

...and probably here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear WiiFit Personal Trainer

I hate you. Oh, yes, I do! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! You may think that 'hate' is an awful, strong word but compared to the other two words (despise and loathe) that ran through my head this morning, hate is rather kind.

You are so deceitful, you and your computer generated flat abbed-thin thighed-shapely armed-self. You tricked me with "fun" activities like slalam skiing, ski jumps, hula hoops, dance step aerobics and sun salutations until, there I sit 50 minutes later wondering when I had started to sweat. Your soothing, gentle voice, encouraging me, drove me to 50 minutes of exercise through games and I woke, this morning, feeling muscles that probably haven't worked since 1989. How dare you trick me that way! You seemed so nice and I fell for it! My, but you are the cunning one, aren't you!?

So... I guess that's it then. There's nothing left to say except...

...I'll see you tonight same wii time, same wii channel. Oh, and this time I promise to not come to you eating a Dairy Queen medium dipped cone. I saw the evil eye you gave me.

Until then I sign off, only grumbling slightly under my breath at you becasue I truly ♥ you; I'm just an ungrateful wretch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And there I am WITHOUT my camera!

BigB & I saw the funniest thing on our way to work this morning. Well, funny to us. Given the Harley Davidson riding, bar-brawl fighting, tattoo sporting background we have it was even leaning to the side of hilarious and there I was WITHOUT my camera (technically, it was in the backseat in my bag but, I wouldn't have been able to reach it in time and probably would have caused myself physical harm trying to get to it for photographic proof of just how stinking cute the sight we saw was). So...without photographic evidence you will just have to trust me when I say it was very funny and use your best imagination when you read the description and if you haven't laughed to the point of peeing your pants, you haven't tried hard enough!

Pulling off of our street to get to work this morning we were delayed by on-coming traffic which happened to bring us more delight than it probably should. What was the source of our tickled funny bones? I am so glad you asked. We saw a tall, scrawny young man (read baby face) who was sporting a very stringy yet scruffy (or straggly) goatee and a doo-rag, looking as tough as he could possibly muster riding on his ...

...vespa scooter!

I think BigB did pee his pants, but only a little.

He, the vespa riding Hell's Angel Purgatory Cherub was so cute in an "I'm wearing Daddy's clothes" kind of way and we appreciate him so much for bringing just that much more of a smile to our faces this morning. Sure do wish I had my camera ready!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We are Sheeple

We had a wonderful Friday night service with the speaker being one of our own (and my friend), Darla. She had a lot of great things to say and I wanted to share from the notes that I took (mainly because I seem to end up getting the pages of my books ripped out lately but I also thought some of you may enjoy what she said).

"Survival of the Sheep"

What most people think a pastor is:
-a social convener (sp?) planning spaghetti suppers and fishing trips
- a hander-outter of freebies. (yes, that is a totally made-up word) (Pastors make sure we are taken care of but it is not his job to go around and buy your groceries.)
-a pastor is someone who is just supposed to pray for your blessings ( "God, "so-and-so" came to church today so please bless them") (Pasotrs pray for you but not just so you will be blessed and happy)
-a comforter of people (ues, they comfort but that is not really their job)
-an administrator ("Pastor, I have a need; please start a prayer chain.") (Pastors need to focus on other things which means they don't need to be playing secretary or anything else similar)

Pastors do do these above metioned things BUT they are not a part of his office/not his job and people will get upset that the pastor doesn't do these things and will leave churches offended because 'Pastor wasn't taking care of ME'.

God's definition of a pastor:

1Peter 5:2-3 says
Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, serving as overseers-not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock.

1. A pastor shouldn't ask you to do anything that he wouldn't do.

-I know our pastor won't ask us to do things he has not done or is not willing to do himself and he is willing to do so much for us; it's a wonder the man ever sleeps!

2. A pastor is to equip the saints.

3. A pastor is to protect. (Ezek 34:7-16)

4. A pastor is to be a ruler

({Gasp!} Did I just type that?! We are to be ruled by someone?! It's not just about us and our needs and how someone can make us feel better about ourselves? We actually have to do what we are told and not just whatever we deem acceptable for us to comply with?! Wow! People will bend over backwards to do what their hockey coach tells them, get up at 4 AM to be at practice on time, take a ballet class to boost their balance for crying out loud but heaven forbid a pastor tells them to do something or worse yet, actually expect them to be at service!)

-In 2 Sam 5:2 it says, "And the Lord said to you, 'You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will become their ruler.' "
-So a shepherd is to rule his sheep.
-How many times as parents do we say "Because I said so!"? so, why can't pastor say it. We shouldn't have to say, "I will think about it" or "I will pray about it" or "Let me get back to you on that". Would we allow our children to say those things to us? Not likely! So why do we think it is fine for us to respond to our pastors that way? We want our children to obey us the instant we tell them something but give them no example of us doing that very thing when our pastors want us to do something and then we complain because we don't know why we have such poorly behaved kids.

-We may benefit from god's plan but guess what? We are not the purpose of His plan. Shocked? Guess what? We need to come to the realization that it is NOT about us! Not even a little!

Ezek 36: 18-24, 37-38
-God restored honor to His name not for Israel but for Himself.

-The pastor's job then is not just to take care of the sheep but to lead the flock to restore honor back to the Lord (not to help them feel they are special and can do whatever they want and that God loves them SO much. No, we benefit from His plan, as I said above but, we are not the purpose!)

-We are to minister to God to bring His presence down.
Exodus 33:16
"How will anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us? What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?"
-Most of the things we have in the church you can get int eh world (lifecoaches, etc) so we are no different than the world if we don't have the presence of God to offer people. If we don't have that presence, our only difference is location.

*Sheep benefit from have a shepherd (pastor) in fact, their lives depend on it!
Mt 9:26 (When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. )

1. Sheep don't like to be enclosed in a tight environment. (We don't like rules)
*Society teaches us to be our own ruler, make our own decisions and decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. That is not how God intended it.
*We learn to hate being controlled - even if it's for our own good.
*Most people would rather suffer in their own bad choices than be happy after beign told to do something that would make their lives easier!

(Why do some people even come to church? They don't want to worship God ("That's not who I am", who cares that the Bible tells you to right?) they don't want to let the Word change them. So why come? So they can feel morally superior because they go to church and sometimes not even on a regular basis.)

2. Sheep move away from shepherds/workers & dogs
*the wrod pastor gives to us should cause us to change.

3. Sheep have good longterm memory, especially for bad experiences. They will always remember to stay away fromthe dog that bit them.

*We are not different. We really remember the bad stuff and rarely the good stuff! (How horrible our husband is because one time he did such and such but forget about all those times he takes care of us and provides for us!)

*The final word is the Word of God - that 's the authority. go by his word and not your past experiences. The way it used to be is not the way it is!

4. If given a choice sheep prefer flat terrain as opposed to an incline.

*We need to be stretched to be coaxed out of our comfort zones.

5. If left in one place sheep will destroy their pasture.

*Pator will help/provoke you to move on or you will be destroyed in your faith - destroy what you have if you stay the same.

6. If sheep see other sheep run they run

*stir other people up and be stirred up yourself
*if you don't feel stirred up, it's pride.

7. Sheep will follow the older sheep

8. Sheep will follow other sheep even if it's a bad decision
*In Turkey a sheep tried going over a ravine and fell to his death. 400 other sheep watched him die and then followed him to his death)
*be careful who you follow and remember who is following you. (You are your childrens' example)

*generally we follow laws so why don't we follow a pastor's instruction? We don't break government laws because we don't want to pay the money but how much more do we lose spiritually if we don't obey pastor's (& therefore God's) instructions?

*It tells us right in Hebrews that it is unprofitable for us to disobey.

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday, a fun blogging carnival created by MckMama to share with each other those embarrassing, silly, senseless or less than ideal things that have happened to us during the week. A fun sort of free therapy one may say. So take a peak at what I didn't do and head on over to see what she and the other ladies haven't done as well.

I did not spend too much time going through photos of Rush this past week because she is going to be turning 16 in less than 2 months and I didn't go through a pre-mourning pity party. Nope. Not Me! I am always composed and it doesn't bother me that my children are growing up so fast and I certainly didn't say that it seems like I just gave birth to this beautiful young lady 4 minutes ago instead of 16 years ago.

I wasn't super excited that when BigB and I went out for a drive that he took me out for a DQ chocolate dipped cone and then surprised me with a stop at my Dad's house. I didn't almost cry when I saw my dad because I love him so much and I didn't end up writing this post about how he and my Judy always come to the window to wave goodbye to us. I also didn't go through a few months worth of pictures just to find the photo I took of them standing in their window to accompany said post. I am not a daddy's girl and even if I were, I most certainly wouldn't be a suck about it.

We didn't laugh, uncontrollably, at our two youngest children over a disgusting game of "Truth or Dare" and I most certainly didn't put the story up here for the whole internet world to see and, even if I did do that, I wouldn't put a link to it so all my fellow "Not Me-ers" could take a peak at the story if they wished.

I did not, jokingly, try to convince Rush to take a swim in a green and orange algae covered pond by telling her it would be good for her skin because I am a kind mom and wold never dream of playing a trick on her like that. She really, truly didn't fall for it and so I didn't keep imagining in my head how funny it would look to have her emmerging from that greenish water looking all swamp-manish. I also didn't tell her that would make a great picture and we should do that when I take her out to do a photoshoot in the next couple of weeks. She really, truly didn't think that was a good idea and she most certainly didn't roll her eyes at me.

I didn't have a great time visiting with friends last night and didn't eat a jumbo Dr. Pepper freezie and then go with my friend to the grocery store 10 minutes away just to buy Brownies (to give into a craving) because we are way smarter than that and have much better nurtitional skills.

I most certainly didn't cry when I heard my oldest son's voice on Saturday. I don't miss him at all and I certainly didn't wish that I could have seen him on Friday for his birthday. I didn't jokingly tell him that we tried to contact Bill Gates to have him send his private jet to pick us up and take us to Kansas City but that Bill was being rude and wouldn't return our calls.

So, there you have it, some of the things I didn't do this week. Now, remember to check out MckMama's and see what she and the other ladies haven't done!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, 911?

That's what he said and I am NOT making that up!

Today Jellybean & Bug were playing "Truth or Dare" (and I thought that was a scary game when played by Junior High aged girls). Word to the wise, people, if my kids come to your house to play do not, I repeat, do not let them play "Truth or Dare" with your kids.

You may be asking yourself 'why?'; you may be thinking 'it's just an innocent game' but, when my kids play, someone ends up licking the toilet.

"What!?!" we said, as they retold this story through fits of giggles and gagging. "Do you know what you just licked!? Do you know you could get really sick from doing that?! Do you know how GROSS that is!?"

As this all sank in, Bug's face foreshadowed some insight into his toilet licking escapade his Denis the Menace charm and he picked up my cell phone , pretended to dial, and said...

..."Hello, 911? I just licked the toilet...my sister dared me. Please, send an ambulance. Thank you!""

To which, he looked over at us with more mischief than our neighborhood punks the biggest, goofiest grin he could muster, gave us the "eyebrows" and burst into Abs of Steel making laughter.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Been Kinda Dry at our House

But boy, oh boy, are we ever glad. It has been a time of celebrations and high-fives, and a time of rest for our washer & dryer. You see, my 5 year old has had difficulty in the wee hours (no pun intended but now that I type it out it is very funny) of the night waking enough to realize he has to go to the bathroom.

We tried every trick we could think of:
-No liquid after 6 (or if he was really thirsty, we limited him to a medicine dropper full - I only kid on that but we would seriously only give him a mouthful or two, if he was very thristy).
That didn't work.

-We tried the let's be cruel and wake our poor boy in the middle of the night to drag his zombie-butt out of bed, somehow manage to steer him to the bathroom and coach him into remembering how to take off his underwear (or where they even go) in his sleepy, half awake, mostly comatos state just so he could go to the bathroom and wake up dry! (Whew! Must take a breath after that run-on sentence).
Guess what? That didn't work either. Most times we just wound up frustrating ourselves and confusing him because after sleeping soundly for 4 hours he understood about as much English as an undiscovered tribe of pigmys (Do you think I am kidding?! Nah uh!) adn I usually had a toilet or a bathroom floor to clean the next day because ones aim is not so good when their eyes are closed and they don't comprehend their native language.

-We tried the "let's make sure he goes to the bathroom just before he goes to bed" route and...
...That didn't work either.

-We tried every possible combination of the above attempts and came up short or, as the case may be, wet. Wet and disappointed and embarassed; well, only Bug did.

For a stretch there the only laundry we were washing was his bedding and it was getting frustrating for all involved - including and especially our handsome, young man who was trying his very best to not have accidents and would pray every night to God to help him.

Our morning routine changed considerably: get him out of wet clothes, wash him up, strip the bed, leave it to air dry, hopefully throw his bedding in the washer right then (if we had the time and if not right after work), spray his dried bed with febreeze, wait for that to dry, make his bed and know that it would start over in less than 12 hours.

We have now had 2 weeks of dryness in our house! Bug is so happy and he is so thankful that God has been helping him to not have any accidents. Every morning he wakes up and joyfully tells us how many days it has been and we all celebrate with him - not because it means less work for us but, because he is so thrilled.

So, when I say our house has been kinda dry, it's a good thing (no Martha Stewart reference implied).

My Heart's in Their Window

To most of you the following picture may seem a strange one to have taken but I want this picture forever etched in my mind and my heart, and I am pretty sure it is. This is a tradition. A visit to Dad and Judy's doesn't seem complete if they aren't standing in the window to see us off with a wave (or when it's a beautiful day like last evening, to come stand on the front lawn to do the same).

My beautiful granny used to do the same thing; she would stand in her big bay window in the kitchen and watch as we disappeared, and now the tradition has continued and it is one of those things that has become so very important to me and to my children. If Pa and Grandma aren't in that window when we are buckled and ready to go, we hear panick induced rants that go something like this, "We can't go yet!!! They aren't in the window!!! You have to wait!!!"...

...and sometimes the kids join me...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I ♥ Rush

Because from the moment they placed her in my arms almost 16 years ago, she has changed my life. From that moment, it wasn't about me any more; my thoughts shifted from me to her - how everything I did would affect her. I know I have made mistakes and that I will continue to make mistakes (just hopefully not the same ones and that the severity of those mistakes lessens each and every time) but I have done my best for her, and I think it's really great how she has changed and impacted me as much as I have her. She took me outside of myself and made me aware of life in a way I never could have dreamt or imagined.

She is a great kid, always has been. Her sense of humor has never failed to leave me in stitches; her heart and compassion has always left me proud. The work ethic that she has shown since entering the work world is one any mom could be proud of but, I am not just any mom. I am the fortuntate one who gets to be her mom.

I ♥ Rush and I have since before I knew her (any mom knows that feeling) but I have no words to describe the tugging, the pulling, the gnawing, the burning in my heart when I think of her (and all my kids but this post is about how I ♥ Rush) and how much I ♥ her and how much she means to me.
"Nobody ever told me that motherhood is a constant gnawing hunger, a confusing mix of envisioning future ages & milestones, cars & boys and the way her grown up hand will feel in mine, and simultaneously mourning tiny pink socks, that surely only ever fit seashells." - S. Murdock

Working at CRC - clean up crew (photo by Eug)

Just hanging out at BK with the family.

Family walk.

Taking a trip down memory lane...

Rush & my Granny K (Oh, how I ♥ them both!)

Looking a little like Miss CindyLoo Who.

Rush & her oldest friend (they met the day he was born 2 days after her) & her most ♥ed stuffed animal Toots.

After what looks like a terribly fun water fight. I think she lost...

Dancing to the music on Fox and the Hound.

Fixing Pa's swather, or should I say "fixing" since she was using a chisel!
Pa & Rush having a nap in the tent at the farm.
And, in the not so distant past of memory lane...

Dad said something that was shockingly funny here (as Rush is wearing a cloth sack a gift came in to make it look like a night cap - her humor, I tell ya).

I don't really know what to say about this one other than she was hamming it up for her cousins by wearing the bright yellow bowl and goggles at Christmas (& she is also wearing Uncle Cowboy's hoodie.)

Clowning around last July for Bug's birthday party.

SSSSSHHHHHHH....I have a secret...

Tyra Rush workin' it like a pro.

Rush, I want you to know that you mean more to me than I could possibly ever express; my word-bank is void of the appropriate words. Rush, I ♥ you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Memory #3

The first time I EVER made buns I was not privy to the knowledge of just how much they would rise so...I made them just about the size I wanted them to be. By the time they were done they were about the size of cantelope, I am sure! Fortunately, BigB was making hamburgers that night and he happened to make them "BillyRay style" (which means HUGE). We still get a good chuckle out of that memory any time I make buns.

Impromptu "Photo Shoots" #2

These are two of my favorite people; they are such incredible role models as a couple and as individuals and I love them SO much! Both are heaps of fun to be around and I hope that I was able to capture that, as well as how much they love each other in these pictures.

I only wish I would have had more time to get a few more shots to play with but we were at a wedding and had lots of stuff to do.

Impromptu "PhotoShoots" #1

Monday, June 08, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to this fun little blog carnival created by MckMama, mom to many adorable children; she created this as a fun "therapy" for all of us moms to share what we have not really been doing. When you're done here, stop by her blog to see what she & the other moms have not been doing.

This past week has not been jam packed with fun; therefore, I most certainly did not spend Tuesday night at my friend's lingerie bridal shower, laughing and having so much fun with my friends.
I did not spend Wednesday night doing almost the same thing but at a MaryKay party and if I did I most certainly would not have blogged about it here (complete with pictures).

I did not cheat on my diet lifestyle change and eat a Whopper from Burger King not once but twice due to our schedules of getting here and there last week. Having said that, I most certainly didn't add to the caloric intake and ask for bacon and cheese on the second trip. I am very disciplined and would never cave into peer pressure from my husband to indulge in such horrible food and I certainly wouldn't cave twice!

I didn't have loads of fun at Colin & Krisann's wedding on Saturday and most certainly didn't wish I had taken LOTS more of that delicious fish they cooked up from Northern Ontario. It probably wasn't absolutely delicious.

Speaking of the wedding, I most certainly didn't decide to wear 5 inch heels and by the end of the day I was NOT the one begging all the men to trade shoes with me just so I could be in flat shoes. Nope not me. I never beg and I am poised and ever the lady and I can handle wearing tremendously high heeled shoes with grace and joy.

I don't think it was incredibly funny that as I typed the word 'grace' above I had a typo and spelled 'grave'.

I did not say good bye to my "nephew" yesterday as he is heading back to Ontario and it did not break my childrens' hearts to say goodbye to him so these pictures were not taken.

I didn't spend most of Thursday thinking of my daughter, J and wishing I could somehow transport myself to see her graduate from her LPN program! I did not think how proud of her I was. I did not find myself, on occassion, wiping a tear from my eye.

I do not think I am the luckiest(if I believed in luck which I don't) mom in the world because I have the greatest kids! I do not love to see their faces light up when they see me or have them to snuggle into me. I do not melt when they tell me they love me. Nope, I am not a very lucky blessed woman. I do not hope to save up some money so I can take the kids and my honey on a nice vacation. (A woman I respect very dearly told me you have never been on a vacation if you have never gone somewhere without a purpose and you have never gone somewhere where you don't know anyone - if you go to see family/friends it is not a vacation but a visit. She is sitting on a beach in Montego Bay right now working on my share of the tan she is going to bring home.)

As I type this, I have not realized that there are only 5 days of school left, including today and I am not going to have to figure out some days that I want for holidays in the summer.