Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rogers vs Vent Yelling (oh yes, it's real, people!)

Paired up, these two will either leave you in stitches, due to their antics, or leave you thinking they are going to cause each other the need for stitches.

That being said, they have recently discovered a new way of interacting with each other (since the big switch of bedrooms) and that is to shriek at each other through the vents. Bug's room is directly above Jellybean's room and so they communicate this way as effectively as one can. The other day I even heard them attempting this new form of communication while Bug was in the bathroom & Jellybean was in her room. It was SO effective for the two, going something like this:

Bug: Can you bring me up more toilet paper? There's no more in the thing!

Jellybean: What?!

Bug: What?!

Jellybean (getting louder): What?!!

Bug: Toilet paper!!!

Jellybean: What?!

Bug: What?! (and so it continued until I succumbed to my need for sanity and went to get the toilet paper myself)

But you can see how effective of a communication tool vents are in the house; I totally see why they would continue to use it for something like this...

Jellybean: Goodnight, Bug!

Bug: What?!

Jellybean: What?! I said 'goodnight'!

Bug: What?!

Jellybean: What?!

Bug: Never mind! Just goodnight!

This is so effective I can't see why anyone would ever choose to get up from where they were to communicate ever again. I am thinking the entire family should start communicating this way. In fact, I can just envision the scene that would occur if we were to attempt waking Rush in the mornings using this technique...

...perhaps we will continue with our method and leave "vent yelling" to the younger two. Yeah, probably a good idea...

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