Friday, May 08, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Don't get me wrong; I am not complaining. I like being busy (sometimes I do enjoy a good "do nothing" day as well). I feel, though, like this week was longer than most.

Monday: Monday found us taking Rush to register for her first W.I.C. (Winners Invitational Challenge) down at Family Church. It also found us preparing BigB for his week long trip to Winnipeg.

Tuesday: I ended up having to stay home with Bug who had had a terrible sleep and would have been useless at school. We also went to watch Rush and the rest of the volleyball team (The Pyros - "start a fire and let it burn") get first place, saw Rush and J1 perform their dramatic dialogue (they didn't place in that event but did a good job) and watched a few other kids. Some of these kids have some mad skills I tell you. When I was a their age my confidence was only found at the bottom of a whiskey bottle; I am so thankful that my kids have not had to walk that road.

Bedtime found us saying goodbye to BigB as he was leaving at 5 AM; there were a few tears.

Wednesday: I was so very thankful that our church body pulls together the way it does and that I was not having to get Jellybean & Bug up & ready for school in time to get Rush at WIC for 7:30 AM and also glad that I wasn't going to have to wake them up at 11 PM to go get her. Single parenting is WAY easier when you only have one child (been there on a full-time basis for awhile and so thankful that I am not in THAT position anymore). Single moms and dads I take this moment to stand and applaud you for all you do and all you sacrifice! YOU ROCK!!!

Thursday: I had a lot of time to be thinking at work as I was completely by myself and I did end up doing a fair bit of thinking while I worked. I must have texted Rush about 15 times through out the day to see how she did at her badminton; have I ever mentioned how much I would rather NOT be working full-time? Today really made me aware of that and it made me sad. Spent the rest of the day with tears so close to the surface. I finally got the Stampin' Up order to all its people, did some laundry and made fish & chips for supper. Our usual 5:00 supper was not on plates ready to be served until 6:15. (Single parenthood)

Bug spent most of the evening crying or near tears as he misses his dad and his sister, who, by the way, got third place in badminton (out of 15 people)! Due to the near meltdowns, I chose to not go to the awards ceremony for WIC and felt, yet again, like a rotten mom. (I know I am not but I am just being honest about how I felt at the time and I can honestly say that I broke down and cried over not being able to go.)

Jellybean has been carrying on life as usual; I don't know if she is more resilient or if she merely "suffers" silently. She misses her dad and her face lights up as bright as the sun when he phones here at bedtime.

Friday: By myself at work again, today. Feeling exhausted but listening to worship music all day. I have had some great moments and there is a stirring in my heart that I can't explain. There's another work bee tonight at the church so we will be heading there immediately after I get supper made and we have eaten. Right after the work be I am taking Rush to the country to a friend of mine. She will be staying there this weekend to look after my friend's group home. As happy as I am about her being able to make some extra money for herself, I am selfishly sad that I won't be able to see Rush until Sunday.

Saturday: This day will be reserved for music practice as well as folding and putting away the laundry I have washed and dried and left to sit. The kids will be happy because BigB is driving home as soon as his last meeting is done today and he plans to get here late tonight. They will wake up to daddy being home and I, for one, am very excited about that!

Sunday: Sunday is church day! We will go there for 9 and come home sometime around 2 or 3. I will bath the kids and other than that I have no idea other than Bug will be giving me a flower that he made (but it's a secret. "Mom, I can't tell you that my secret is a flower, ok?"

I can't explain this stirring I have; it feels like it's in my heart and in the pit of my stomach. It feels like something incredible is on the horizon and I am just catching a glimpse of it! I feel like something is about to be birthed that will change things as we know it; I just don't know what! Right now I am listening to a couple different worship leaders (Dustin Smith and CFNI) and the words to the songs are filling me with surges of electricity (it seems like). Wonder what will happen...

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