Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why I Love My Husband (Reason 783)

He can pull off wearing a sombrero like no one else I have ever known.

He has been asked if he was Italian, Mexican, Philipino, Native American...the list is ever growing. He is none of those things; he just tans quickly and deeply and very brownly. 5 minutes in the sun and he looks like most after 6 months of beach living in the tropics. I, on the other hand, become very patriotic after any length of time in the sun (simply by being true to the colors of our flag: red & white.) I think this talent of his is completely shameful as he regularily flaunts his tanability in the faces of all of us tan-resistant folks. Shameful!

Next time you are out our way, look for us, the sickeningly brown guy and his wife, the one who is so white she glows in the dark...You think I am kidding! Not in the least!)

(This picture was taken in the middle of Canadian winter where the sun is non-existent for 9 straight months...just wait until it stops snowing and he has 5 minutes to spare...)

(P.S. Reason numbers are picked at random simply depending on what number pops into my head)

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