Monday, May 25, 2009

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 4

Rush & I were in Children's Church for the morning session; we were teaching "God is my Optimus Prime"
"Jesus, you're my super hero. You're my best friend. Better than Superman." (one of the songs we sang but I am forgetting a line or two in there.)

The kids from my class during prayer at the end of the morning, praying for Bug; all he wanted was to be able to obey God & his mommy & daddy all the time.

Family Church's praise & worship team. Again, I think it is so great that our churches can work so closely together.

The team of people who came from Pastor Francis Armstrong's church (Kingston, On) to help us with some of our building project after conference. What a fun group of people (inlcuding having a water fight in the van while Jen was giving them the "grand tour" or our town.

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Paula Joy said...

My kids (and me!) LOVE the Jesus You're My Superhero dvd!!