Monday, May 25, 2009

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 2

If I thought I was tired then, after one night of being at conference until 2 in the morning, I never thought ahead to today after completeion of the conference. I am so glad to have God strengthening me through this day!
Pastor Kevin introducing our speaker for the evening, Pastor Peter from Hamilton, On.

Pastor Peter was a fantastic speaker and, I think, we all learned a lot from him. (Most of which was on deutamus power).
"One after the other, in the Bible, the rejected became great and the insignificant became significant."


Marc Vandersluys said...

What is "deutamus power"?

Love Mom said...

I'll give you from my notes:

Pastor Peter broke Deutamus (& I only think I am spelling it correctly) power into these 4 definitions or compartments:

1. inherint, inseperable power that never leaves or forsakes you.

2 a. Moral power (behaving the way you want to instead of striving to live like Christ would robs the church of God's power)

2b. Military power (to crush every work of the devil)
-Jesus put His foot on the neck of the devil, then handed us the keys & said 'Put your foot there on his neck'.

3. Power to perform miracles
-There's nothing that God's people can not do.

4.Power to obtain wealth (in resources, money, housing, knowledge etc)

-Remeber, it's ok to have all the possessions you want, as long as they don't possess you.

That's what I had on it from my notes, Marc. If you are interested in hearing it straight from the horse's mouth, there are cd's of all the sessions for $3 each and I could get that one ordered for you. Just let me know.