Friday, May 16, 2008

I am his enemy.

BigB & I were out with Bug today and Bug kept wrapping his arms around my legs and telling me that I was his enemy (or rather his emeny but I caught what he meant). The second time he told me I was his enemy I asked him why he thought that. Well, bless the little turkey's heart but here is his reasoning, "Mama, the Bible tells us to love our emenies so you have to be my emeny."

My kids are too cute for my own good...

Monday, May 12, 2008

It seems so weird

I took my first breath of life here (not that I remember that particular day) but I remember lying in a bed in one of these rooms at 5 years old after getting my tonsils out and ringing my bell just to watch my auntie come in to see me and take care of me (she was a nurse). I also remember coming to the emergency ward here to see the friendly face of my family doctor after I was assaulted by a boyfriend and brought in by a friend. There are a lot of emotions for a lot of people that have lived on in this building over the years and watching it being torn down is like watching them finally escape. Its kind of weird.