Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Me Monday

I came upon this fun Not Me Monday idea through MckMama's blog & although I have never done one, until tonight, I have always found her not me entries amusing and NOT something I would ever do.

I did not wonder if I was hallucinating when I saw two very well dressed, clean-cut men walking down the middle of my street with their glass latte cups in hand and a HUGE blue & white ball. Nope, not me.

I did not panic when I looked at Bug's car slammed hand today just to see his entire hand is tye-dyed black, green & purple and it did not breifly cross my mind to call my doctor at home to see if we need to make him an appointment or if we should just ride this bruising out.

I did not feel God "slap" me upside the head when I was telling Jellybean that she doesn't always need to know what is going on and sometimes she just needs to trust us because sometimes the not knowing just may be worth it and I did not hear God say "Cha! What have I been trying to tell you!?" No way, not me.

I did not completely freak Bug out while he was whining at me by using my mad parenting skills and telling him I saw something in his mouth and he had better let me help him get it out. When he wide-eyedly (cool adverb inventage moment brought to you by the letter 'W') looked at me, I did not tell him that there HAD to be something in his mouth making him whine like that because my children don't whine.

I did not use my hands and feet to keep Jellybean pushed over onto the far side of her bed while our neighbor daughter tried to climb into bed so she could have her completely unplanned sleepover as Jellybean kept going right back to where her body wanted to be...sprawled across her entire bed (can you imagine that?) and she did that each time I tried moving her until I didn't pin her to the wall so J2 could get in bed.

I did not decide at 8:40 that it was my bedtime and wish that I could be going to bed instead of an hour later (which I still did not do)and I did not pout i the least when my husband called to tell me he and the girls would be late from WIC when I won't really see the girls the rest of the week and hubby is going to MN for the week.

I did not do any of these things especially the ones that don't display my superior parenting skills. Nope, you've got the wrong guy; it wasn't me

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