Thursday, May 07, 2009

Excuse Me?! or "Is that a hair on your lip?"

Went to get my eyebrows waxed; I've never been to this place before. I wasn't sure what to expect but, I needed two eyebrows instead of one (wink) and I could get there on my break, and still be back on time. The lady who was supposed to take care of my appointment was still busy with a client so another lady came to help.

She grunts at me: "What are you here for?"

Me: Um, a wax? (yes, I questioned whether I was there for a wax anymore or not...she scared me.)

Lady: Your lip?

Me: (Looking for mirror as quickly as I can! Whew! No, I am good that way! Thank God. No hair on the lip!) No ma'am. I need two eyebrows instead of one.

Lady: Lay down.

And that was the extent of our conversation. No more and no less. No small talk; no chit chat. No nothing.

Next time I think I will plan it so I can schedule an appointment with my regular girl. I mean, this lady did a good job on the brows themselves (I have two now and they look good.) but, I like a bit of personality and a bit of conversation, even (gasp) a relationship with the person who makes me look fabulous! Not that it's all about me but I really do like to communicate.

Is it just me? Do other people not like to have that communicative-type relationship with their stylists, etc. Am I asking too much for a little communication and for asking that you don't bring other (at this point hairless) body parts into my waxing needs? Is it? (This is me now leaving with a dramatic sigh and even more dramatic body gestures, such as, but not limited to, arm flailing and slight shoulder dropage...NOW.)

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