Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am no stranger to strangeness

but this really took the cake...

I got a text on my cell from an unknown number in a different province stating 'Call me.'

I text back, "Who is this?"

About a half an hour later comes the reply, "Your ex husband. Lol."

#1 My ex-husband would have no idea what my cell number is.
#2 He would not be asking me to call him; we haven't heard from him in years.
#3 He would not use the term 'LOL' in a conversation with me (and I am almost certain with no one else either).

I text back saying, "I know you aren't my ex husband. Who is this and what do you want?"

The reply comes back, "Nothing I guess."

So I text back because I am really wondering which of my friends is playing a trick on me at this point and I say, "Please tell me who this is because I am really getting curious."

About 10 minutes later a call comes in and a strange man is having a conversation with me; I assure him that I am not his ex-wife and he begins to attempt small talk with me. By small talk I mean this man tried to spin some charm on me (I can totally see why the guy has an ex-wife to be calling).
"Who is this and are you in P.A.?" he says to me.

"You called me, buddy; I think you need to tell me who you are."

"I think I got the numbers mixed up."

"That's all right have a..."

"Why don't you tell me your name?"

"Sir, I am at work."

"Oh, you work?"


"You're probably married off too then, heh?"

"Yes, and happily."

"Ok well have a good day."

Is this the newest form of the dating game or something? Would you believe me if I told you strange things like this happen to me quite often? Would you? Would you believe they don't even catch me off guard anymore?

I wonder if I should call that guy's ex-wife and let her know he's looking for her - just to give her a head's up...


Joanne said...

I know quite a few people who lately have gotten calls from California or Bc on their cell phones.
Something strange going on. We were told not to answer them, kind of the new spam or something

Enjoy the weirdness in your day I guess

Paula Joy said...

That's funny.