Friday, May 15, 2009

Here I am, worshipping You!

This picture, not taken by me but by my friend, Beka, brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. What greater joy for a mom than to see her daughter (Jellybean, middle) crying out to God & worshipping Him with everything she has in her!

Again, photo not by me, but by Beka. Look at my beautiful J1 (Goofda); she has joy that floods her soul...

There is no way I took this picture since I am in it (not in the front but back left-hand corner) and too occupied to be fiddling with a timer (taken, again, by Beka).
An intimate time of worship and our humble pastor, who is not above kneeling on a dirty cement floor in his nice suit. (Photo by Eug)
Still during the first day of our occupying our new building. That's my J1 in the center foreground. (Photo by Eug)
Look at those children! Isn't that beautiful? Such pure, adoring love. (Photo by Eug)

(Photo by Eug)
I just had to share these photos with you hoping that they would touch your heart as much as they have mine, especially the ones of the children. They really are captivated by God.

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