Thursday, July 26, 2007


We're heading off to go camping after I am done work today. Gee, that's going to be nice. After all this heat, I sure am looking forward to sitting in the cool water. Maybe I will even be able to catch another fish.

Rush is bringing a friend this time and depending on where we go, there could be another old friend there. They should have a lot of fun.

I bid you farewell; well, at least until after we get back.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have a Permanent Part-Time job now in Health Records. It is a guaranteed 32 hours in a 3 week period but I still have my relief position here so it won't take much to get a lot of hours.

We had the last of 2 bridal showers for J this past Saturday. Jellybean took that day to finally realize that J isn't really living with us anymore and she is taking it hard. She is packed up and will be moving to L.M. next Saturday.

My little Bug turned 4 years old on Saturday too. We had a joint birthday party for him and my dad on Sunday. I can't believe he is 4 all ready. What a grown up young man.

I haven't been sleeping well lately as GeekNerdCutiePants has been gone a lot with work. Plus I was in Emerg with Rush until 2:30 AM on Saturday/Sunday. Yesterday my boss sent me home at lunch and I slept all day and most of the night. (Feeling better now) Jellybean had to come and tuck me in at her bedtime and she sang me 10 minutes of "All the Pretty Little Ponies" (her favorite lullaby); at least she sang me all of the words she knows. It was beautiful and I felt so loved.

It is so hot here right now. Apparently we broke a record from 1948 or something yesterday. It was 33 degrees Celsius but the humidex registerd 40 degrees. Whatever that is in Farenheit I have no clue. For here that is really hot. In the office today there is absolutely no air flow and the fans are just blowing all the warm air around. If I get put out on the patio at BPs today, I quit (grin).

I think that catches you up to date but I will double check later.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I just became a hero to my two youngest kids...simply by freeing a beautiful dragonfly that was caught in a spider's web. Not much can feel better than that.

(other than the organizing and purging of items I was doing when they ran for me to rescue the dragonfly.)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's down to the nitty gritty

There is now officially less than one month to the P.B. & J wedding. Believe me when I say, "yikes!"

Today Jellybean & I got our dresses fitted; J gets hers done next week. We finally found shoes for Jellybean after searching high and low in this place. We were getting desperate enough that we were almost to the point of paying the $40 for the ballet style shoes at the bridal store. Payless had some cute ones, a ballet style for $20 (unfortunately not in her size) but we found another cute pair of heeled sandals for $17.

Our good friend, Brenda threw a nice shower for J at the church and she got some lovely gifts from all the ladies there. On Saturday we are off to her mom's home town for another bridal shower.

Poor J is getting to the point where she is so terribly excited but she has had an emotional break down when it comes to leaving her brothers and sisters behind. She is afraid Bug will forget her and she figures that her wedding is the last time she will ever see LilB and Nat as neither couple can afford to travel to the visit the other.

We've also gotten to the point now where we are trying to organize hair appointments, nail appointments, straightening out crazy tan lines (thank God for that sunless tanning lotion) and all sorts of last minute details.

I can only imagine what the last 2 weeks and especially last week are going to be like.

I did however take the time today to make the kids some of their favorite summertime treats. At the moment we have yogurt popsicles, banana pops covered in chocolate with sprinkles, banana pops covered with walnuts and banana pops covered with strawberry yogurt in the freezer. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chocolate pudding/graham cracker sandwich frozen treats made up.

On Monday I am sending an email to my boss to inform her that I am resigning from my switchboard position. I finally came to the decision even though emotionally I knew I wanted to do it a while ago. I love the position other than the fact that as casual staff I am there primarily on weekends and holidays. I don't want to be missing any more Christmases and I am wanting to make weekends free so we can spend more time as a family.

I should have done this a long time ago as I realized how fast the years are going; I mean, I have 2 kids married (almost) and another going to high school for crying out loud. I don't think we are doing that poorly in our finances that I need to sacrifice my time with my family or my friends anymore.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some pictures from our camping trip this weekend and at LilB's request

Rush's first catch...that's right; she caught a hook with her hook and replaced the hook she had lost with a better one.
Jellybean with sunkissed cheeks. In this picture it looks like she is only missing 2 teeth but the numbers are up to 4 with 2 more wiggly ones in there.

BabyK getting ready to go out in the canoe.
Bug figures camping trips are 2 thumbs way, way up.

Tuff with his shadow. There wasn't too many times he was without his Bug.

Finally, the nightmares will cease

Since I wrote my Biology final I have been having nightmares about getting 50% on the exam...every single night. Since the last week of June... It has been a terrible ordeal and I finally gave up on knowing my mark in the near future.

BigB happened across my username and password at his office as I had had him check for me once while I was at work and he decided that before he threw it out he was just going to check one last time. This morning he came into the office at work with a huge grin on his face and asked me if I was still wanting to know what my Biology mark was.


I got 94% on my Biology!!! I am so pumped about that! Put that with my 98% in Math and I am really getting my average up there. I am really excited.

The Fall brings night classes of Chemistry30 so we will see how that goes. I am hoping for an 80%. I think that is the lowest I can get to maintain a decent average. I'm definitely shooting to add some gravy to that mark just like I did with these last 2. I said at the beginning that I would be happy with a 75% and anything above that was gravy...that's a lot of stinking gravy!!!!