Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Vill Crush You!

I've been a bit behind on my photos and as I was going through some today, I came upon these of Bug's thumb. I have none of the tye-dyed hand from a week later but this is his hand post-crushing day one.

The above picture is not great in quality but it sure does give an idea of what his thumb looked like.

I can't see the difference; can you see the difference? Of course size IS the difference and I still get sympathy pains for him when I see this picture considering it still, now 2 weeks later, causes him great pain and discomfort...some buttons are still a problem and slipping on his shoes is an ordeal all onto itself. I think it is time for a quick shot to the doc to see if things are progressing as they should OR if there is some underlying issue here.

To understand what it looks like now, picture it somewhat less swollen and the entire hand varying degrees of blackish-greenish-purplish discoloration.

One can not say that having children is dull; I can, most assuredly say, that mine have filled my life with some of the most interesting adventures the time LilB stabbed himself in the eye with his thumb. Intrigued? That will be another story for another time...


Louise said...

I'm sorry but the picture showing his two thumbs made me wanna start singing from Sesame Street.... One of these thumbs is not like the other, one of these thumbs does not belong.. can you tell me which thumb is not like the other BEFORE I finish this songgggg.
I sure feel sorry for Bug.. it looks painful but he sure looked brave too.

Love Mom said...

It does doesn't it. I also thought of the commercial for Tide or something like that from when I was a kid. It always had twins in it and said "I can't see the difference. Can you see the difference? Price is the difference.