Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Singing in the Rain

It was our first thunderstorm of the year last night and I LOVE thunderstorms. What do I love about them? I love the unbridled, raw, intensity of thunderstorms but I also love the feeling that I get in the midst of one.

Let me explain. As a kid ,moreso a teenager, I found safety sitting or walking during a thunderstorm; it was a time and a place where I could be alone with my thoughts, my true thoughts and have no one know I was crying. I especially liked spending time up here during storms (internal as well as external). I felt safe enough to "let out" all the feelings that I had stored up from my past and it was not uncommon for me to scream at the top of my lungs along with the thunder. Despite what I was going through at those times, the memories are good now. It was a place of healing when I didn't know where to turn for true healing (not just the train bridge but the storms as well, they were a place of healing for me then).
Now, I just love thunderstorms and walking/playing in them. I feel clarity, youthful (even though I really still am youthful just moreso), comfort and I love the fact the Rush loves to walk with me as she loves them just as much as I.
Last night we laughed with each other, to the point where it seemed we just may pee our pants, and it was great - a moment of bonding one may say. We walked, skipped and ran hand in hand down the rotary trail through a wooded area enjoying the beauty of the buds popping out into leaves and blossoms bursting forth into existence. It was, again, an escape, from some of the realities of our lives and an escape from the ever-present fact that I live in the city. It was so beautiful and peaceful to me to be able to pretend that the houses and new developments behind us didn't exist and it was just us in the bush during a beautiful thunderstorm.
We laughed at how wet we had gotten, at the fact that, at just the moment we decided to turn our faces to the rain, the rain got much harder for a moment and it felt like it was attempting to tear our retinas from our eyes and, yes, we laughed about that. I learned that Rush's dream is to, when the right one comes along and, she is old enough, be proposed to during a thunderstorm. I think that would be beautiful and I must remember to let Mr. How Lucky are You to Marry my Daughter know, when that time comes, so that this dream can come true for her.
*No pictures were taken on our journey last night as both our camera batteries were dead and I am pretty sure they would have gotten wrecked at some point had we taken them, considering how wet we both got. It is, however, permanently etched in my mind and in my heart, and I can't wait for the next storm!

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