Thursday, May 07, 2009

Optimism in the form of a flake, snowflake that is.

Thoughts expressed by Jellybean on the topic of snow in May (heard on the way to school this morning.)

"Wouldn't it be great if those nice days were our summer for this year and Bug's birthday was in the new winter (his is in July) and mine was in the new summer (hers is in November) and then I could have an outside FUN party and he could be stuck with an inside party? I think it's about time. Don't you? Besides our old winter is too long so if we made it our new summer we would have lots of time for going camping and stuff, right?"

Well, I can see her points and think that the whole 9 months of summer versus 9 months of winter would probably be an incredibly FANTASTIC idea but, I, unfortunately, don't see that happening in our lifetime. Her optimism, however, was extremely contagious;I love being able to catch the joy of my children!

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