Saturday, May 16, 2009

And that's a wrap wreckwrap

Conference is coming up this week; Thursday, to be exact, is the Grand Opening of our new building. The work bee has continued and escalated. People are working 24 hours a day, pushing flesh aside to take care of Kingdom business. It has been so rewarding and one of the best experiences of my life. That being said, it has been a physically trying time.

Last night, we stayed at the church working until about midnight, came home, got the kids to sleep and I started doing a bit of housework; we slept until 8 and were back at the church, after dishes were done, at 10, had music practice, worked and had lunch with "the crew".

It's now 2:20 and I am at home working on a grocery list as I type this and contending with Bug who is at his wit's end, emotionally & physically. His emotions are raw and very near the surface but, can I tell you the most beautiful part? As tired as his little body is, as he is walking around, he is singing praise songs and that is beautiful.

Yes, I see that he is exhausted, completely exhausted but he is working on something that means so very much to him; the first things out of the kids' mouths this morning was 'when do we go back to the church to work' and 'do you think there will be more stuff for us to do'. Jellybean chose not to come home with me just now as she is washing walls at the church right now and wants to finish her job.

Bug is sound asleep, curled up on the couch with his pink panther tucked beside him and Jewel curled up at his feet. I have pictures and will post them later. Moments earlier Bug jolted hiself awake from a nightmare where someone was trying to steal the pink panther from him and as he told me his dream, he broke into tears; his eyes searching to and fro fearing that it may have been true. His soft snoring is lulling me to the verge of sleep but there is work to be done and I have friends who are going on 3-4, even 1, hours sleep who are still at the church on a labor of love and I will rest when the time comes for rest, later tonight.

The character that is emerging from this building project astounds me: single moms worked all night last night with their children sleeping at the church. A 15 year old boy worked all night until 1 this afternoon when his mom "forced" him to go home to sleep as he is on the closing shift at his job tonight. One of our leaders got to bed at 7 this morning only to wake at 8 due to a phone call. He didn't go back to bed; he got up and continued working.

Our flesh fights it but our spirits are so full of joy working on this project. If you follow me on facebook, you will find a link under 'videos of me' entitled Building Project to see just what it's like there as far as atmosphere and attitude. It really is a fatastic place to be.

So, I was going to consider this a wreck since Bug is so tired and emotional but I reconsidered that notion as this sweet 5 year old boy asked if he could go back to work after he had "just a little nap".

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