Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

This week's edition of Not Me Monday mainly revolves around yesterday, Mother's Day but I wouldn't NOT do anything I shouldn't on Mother's Day. Nope. Not me!

Friday night didn't find me dropping Rush off at my friend's for the weekend to work at her group home after not having seen Rush ALL WEEK! I also didn't cry on the way home because I missed her so much. That would mean I love her! Sheesh!

I did not drive out to the farm to visit Rush twice on Saturday, once to bring a tray of fruit for us to share while we watched a movie. Nope, THAT would make me a sap and I am definitely NOT a sap!

I also did not cry as I was driving home Saturday night, not because I missed my daughter but because I was enjoying the nature sounds of the country and missing country living as I drove back to (ugh) the city.

I did not show up to church covered in mud and dog slobber because I was being loved on by one of the coolest Great Danes I have ever met. Bless Cleo's loving ginormous self and her doggy, ah, kisses.

I certainly did NOT spend Mother's Day morning sitting in front of my van crying as billows of smoke attacked the air with a vengence leaving me to wonder if I should be calling our local firemen to rescue me and that certainly does NOT mean that our radiator blew up and spewed radiator fluid all over my neighbor's sidewalk. None of this means that we are now vehicleless and our van is beyond repair...ever.

I also didn't try to figure out how we were to solve this dilemma ourselves without going to God in the first place because I would NEVER try to solve anything. Not me! I also did NOT get frustrated with my husband who was not worried in the slightest (no really he honestly wasn't; there is no "not me" in that) and I most certainly did NOT want for him to freak out with me just for a minute.

My family didn't try to take me out to eat for Mother's Day and I did not have such a bad headache (and nausea from the headache) that I didn't ask for all of our food to be packed up as soon as it got to our table so we could go home and I could put a cold cloth on my head and sleep. I would NEVER "ruin" a Mother's Day that way. No way; NOT ME!

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