Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Smidge of an Update

Training in ICU is going great! I really fit in there and am enjoying learning more about the health care system. It is, at times, as somber place to work but I think I will enjoy the experiences that this position offers to me.

Parents night was last night for Ballet class for Jellybean and it was absolutley adorable. Rush started piano lessons yesterday, as well, for this year. She started off with a review and hadn't forgotten nearly as much as I thought she would. She must have a good teacher (huh? huh? huh?).

I had hurt my back last Monday and have been on Work Restriction since (no bending or lifting) and my back it slowly starting to get better. My chiropractor is my best friend right now.

BigB is extremely busy as they are implementing a new system at work and it hasn't gone as smoothly as some would have hoped and still others believe it has gone (that is mainly the guy who could get all the credit for it). So, he is tired and a smidge cranky with some of the users at work. Fortunately he is not coming home cranky at us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Let Down

Well, it has been quite the day for news. Unfortunately it has been a fair bit of bad news, not great news and things "that wouldn't be bad but they just all seem to add up" news. The lady from Health Records who took the full time position which resulted in my Temporary Full Time at the Cash Desk decided today that she will be returning to Health Records which eliminates the need for my full time job. I am now back down to casual however, I do have 3 casual positions.

Yesterday, I hurt my back pretty badly. Bad enough, in fact, that I couldn't stay at work today and was told to fill our Compensation forms etc ect. I went to the chiropractor and the family doctor and I have soft tissue damage to the small of my back from filing 8 hours straight yesterday. I am also officially off work until Friday and am limited to what I can do for the next 8-14 days. By then, I know that I will be 100% due to prayer, chiro treatments, rest, exercises and anti-inflammatories.

BigB had a stressful day at work. Their bringing in a new computer system and this is requiring a few new computers which nobody seemed to be ready for them to install.

Bug wanted to help us because the fish looked hungry so he took it upon himself to feed the dear creatures. Unfortunately, he gave them about 5 oz of fish food which required immediate fish doctoral care and by that I mean BigB had to clean the tank out when he just wanted to de-stress.

Bug also has started thinking he needs 3/4 of a roll of toilet paper each and every time he goes to the bathroom. This results in me having to unplug the toilet every time and it is getting tedious and tiresome.

So, that is the frustrations of today but I know tomorrow will be better. I have faith. I have to have faith. There is something better waiting for me right around the corner; I just don't know which corner...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oy, my math brain...

Ok, so training has been going...all right. It is certainly a lot to take in considering I get 4 days to learn what they normally teach you in 2 weeks. It is definitely hard on the math brain.

Tomorrow is my last day of training and then I am by myslef but, the lady who is training me will still be in the building so I will be able to make emergency calls to her so she can bail me out of a bind.

More later...bed is calling tired...brain malfunctioning...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Slight Change in Plans

I will not be training in ICU for about a year...I just got a temporary full time cash clerk position that is supposed to end the end of August 2007. I will do my training for the relief position after that.

It is going to be so nice...working Mon to Fri, every third Friday off and days only. The job is, I have heard, stressful, however, I am thinking it will be nice to have a stressful job with a regular paycheck as opposed to being stressed out because I don't know when I will be called in.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't believe I forgot to tell you...

I am the newest employee in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. Oh yeah! That's right!

I accepted a relief ICU ward clerk position. So...we'll see how that goes and see if that is something I can do. I have 3 days training Oct 17-19.


Oh yeah!!! What a feeling!!!

You all know what a sucker I am for deals and how there are times when I am so fortunate to stumble over a really good one. Well, today, Bug and I were at Wal Mart (shocking!) and we were just strolling around when I found some clearance garden stuff. It peaked my curiosity especially when I saw a trellis for $2.00. $2.00?!? That price simply couldn't be right considering the tag on it said $19.99.

We threw a couple in the cart and went to find one of those price checkers but none of them worked so it was off to the till to pay for our items and I asked the girl what the trellis came up as. They were definitly $2.00!!! I have been wanting some but have always been too cheap to pay the $20. By the time Bug and I got home I had 4 of them and had only spent $8.00!!!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am stealthy! I am just like shopping ninja!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


They are still here...they probably couldn't find another place that would rent to them.

Today as we were leaving to go to the farm, she was verbally attacking our landlords whom we were speaking with. I gave her a funny look and she lashed out at me calling me an "f"ing dirty "b" and what the "h*&& are you looking at? You better watch your back 'b'!!! You don't know who you are dealing with..."

We were leaving Rush at home by herself because she is sick and these people who live 2 feet away from our kitchen window are obviously mentally disturbed. I was pretty nervous about it and called her a couple of times to ensure that she hadn't been harmed.

We have been given fair warning by the landlords that they may need to get us to sign a statement and/or go to court to defend them. It sounds like they are going to be evicted and soon because if they aren't gone within a month or so we are leaving...

I will not subject my kids to their late night 5 minute (numerous) visits (by suspected pharmecutical buyers), psychotic outbursts of verbal diarrhea or out of control rages. The list could go on and on and on. If they are not gone...we are!!!

An epiphany

That's right, folks. I have seemingly had an epiphany. I think that I have not only been neglecting my friends lately but...I have also been neglecting myself and some very important parts of who I am. I haven't been doing it purposely or even knowingly been doing it. Now that I am aware, however, I had better get my act together and change this tragedy.

I had two monumentous moments that led to this epiphany of mine. The first being when we were in the truck on the way to the last free dump day of the year; I looked in the rear view mirror and saw 2 caterpillars staring at me from the top frame of my glasses. That's right! Gross!!! I need to take care of my physical self.

The second milestone on this journey of mine today was while BigB and I were at a local coffeehouse. As we walked in the door I saw a friend of mine strumming her guitar. We listened to her singing some of the songs that she has written and I realized that I have neglected my poetic self. It has been so long since I have done any writing (excluding here obviously; I mean artsy writing). I LOVE writing poetry. It is very therapeutic for me-cleansing, healing even and I have neglected that part of me in a long time.

I am so over that! I will take better care of my physical and spiritual self and my, just for BigB, artsy fartsy poetry writing self. I can't neglect myself anymore than I can neglect my friends. I have missed you all so much...It's time for some balance. I am back, baby; I am back!

Edited to add...
I just popped over to mamasaysohm and saw what this weeks theme was and, wow, did this post ever fit...