Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, what a night

Bug was pretty pumped to get on his bike again; he had had to wait so BigB could adjust it.

Jellybean enjoyed her freedom of skipping up and down the block, after I "finally allowed" her to stop helping me pick up the neighbor's cigarette butts (ew!).

On the Rotary Trail not too far from the river; it was a nice walk, especially through the wooded area.

Bug got a little mischievious adventuresome and wondered off the trail into the swampy area and got savagely attacked mixed up in a bush of thistles.
Getting a bit of squishy face loving from Rush, which left me resembling a 108 year old lady with, apparently, no teeth. If I had any say in this, this picture wouldn't be on here. Oh wait, I do; it's MY blog but, meh, I put bad pictures of the rest of my family on here - I'm pretty sure that falls into the "it's-only-fair" category.

We went trick riding on a whale; Bug & Jellybean riding double.
Bug doing some stunt riding on the back of Sammy the Whale.

Rumor has it that you will swing faster if you close your eyes. (This tidbit of information brought to you by Jellybean and since she is a jellybean, and therefore, sweet, it HAS to be the truth. RIGHT?

This moment of over-acting brought to you by William Shatner Rush. That girl is a real hoot when she wants to be. Oh boy!

We had a great time after supper. Jellybean & I worked in the yard - mostly she asked if she was done and then got completely distracted when she was able to pick up and play with her first earth worm of the year. Bug rode his red bike and Jellybean skipped until we were all ready for the walk. We headed out to the Rotary Trail, which makes it nice walking with city kids and stopped in several little playgrounds for a bit of fun and so I could snap a few pictures (the only one willing of being my guinea pig subject was Jellybean; I fought tooth and nail sneakily snapped pictures of the rest)

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