Monday, September 28, 2009

Rest easy, my friends

Bug just now promised me, as I tucked him into bed, that we will NOT take over the world using science.

Do you feel safer?

I know I do.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jack is gone...

Early this morning, a panicked and very devestated little voice came running down the hallway screaming, "He died! Jack died! Jack's gone, Mom! He died! He's dead!

As I pealed my eyes open and adjusted their focus I found my dear, sweet, kind-hearted Bug holding a tiny orange and white fish in his outstretched hands with huge tears pouring from his eyes.

"Mama," he said in a soft, sorrowful voice, "Jack died...he was stuck to dat fing that hangs down in da tank. My Jack is gone..."

This is quite the load of emotion to wake up to first thing for a young man of 6 years old who has never had a pet die before. Sure, he as seen several of his sisters fish die, even a snail but, he has never experienced the pain of his own pet, who he named, who he fed and who he loved, die.

I could look into his beautiful blue eyes and see his poor little heartbreaking right before my eyes. His sensitive heart...

So, I climbed out of bed, gathered the two kids and I in the official fish burial center, thinking we had better get it from out of his hands before we did too much more. DS3 got to say a few words about his wonderful fish friend, Jack.

Allow me, then, to share Jack, the fish we have had since Saturday who DS3 had fallen madly in love with, through Bug's eyes: Jack was a friendly fish and he made all the other fish his friends. He missed his other fish friends from the petstore but he was very happy in his new home. He loved to swim in the bubble wall and ride the bubbles all the way to the top, and I loved him so very much.

We then flushed our dear friend, Jack and waved saying our goodbyes as we gave Jack a proper sea(?) burial. I then spoke to Bug about the realities of death and how sometimes these things happen, accidents will happen, pets & people will get sick and sometimes die. I told him how its ok for him to be sad for a while and very ok for him to miss Jack and I told him how this is an example of a time when we can truly turn to God for comfort. God can help us to not feel sad about Jack anymore - not that we have to forget about him but that it is not healthy for us to stay sad for a very long time, how there is a season for sadness just like there is a season for winter and it seems harsh, hard, cold and dark but then it comes spring and new life comes popping out and it becomes bright and cheery and warm and the leaves start to come out and bring people hope. He seemed ok after that, a little more come, but then I told him that I would share Herman, my fish, with him - not that Herman can ever replace Jack in his heart but so that he can still help take care of the fish, I will make him co-owner...

So, here's to you, Jack

You WERE a good fish and you had an owner who loved you more than you could ever comrehend.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A pinch of this and a small dash of that

BigB is gone this week, for work. He'll be back Friday.

It's always really quiet after i put the kids to bed when he is gone; it maks for a long night.

The kids' music lessons went really well last night; Bug got over his shyness of his teacher and actually spoke to him last night. His teacher said it was like having a totally different kid. Jellybean could be heard all the way down the hall telling her teacher all kinds of stories. I had to tease her when she came out of her class.

I am getting some odds and ends done around here this week and trying to find a job. Today I will do that while Bug is in school so he doesn't have to tag along.

I may, finally, get the bottles/cans to Sarcan to recycle. The money is being split among the two kids to save towards their future purchase of a DS.

Tonight we will be going to what will probably be the last weiner roast of the year. The two younger kids and I will be going to a friend's house to partake in some burnt wieners and whatever else we gather together - should be LOTS of fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I know it's not Feb 2

but, this little ground hog is popping her head out to say...

Wow! What a week this has been! I watched my brother marry a wonderful lady on Saturday. I laughed; I cried. It moved me, Bob!

No, really, it did. It was truly one of the most beautiful and moving weddings I have ever been to.

Sunday we had a good friend over for supper and later on in the evening a couple of very dear friends came over for coffee.

Monday was the kids' first music lessons and boy oh boy, did Bug ever make a good first impression. He walked in with his hair tosseled and held with gel, black dress pants and orange shirt and his "leather" biker jacket, flipping his fancy red drumsticks around. One of the people in the room stated that they figured he had to be the coolest kid they had ever seen. I think they may be right, at least as far as 6 year old boys go.

I've been training my replacement all week and now that time has come; tomorrow is my last day. We are all going for lunch tomorrow as a farewell to myself and another girl who left last Friday. Vietnamese food! Yummy!!!

On Saturday two of my dear friends are getting married and I have been doing the decorations. I have done my very best but I am simply hoping that it looks as nice as they deserve. I want nothing short of the best for them.

I am still missing my girl and think of her often.

The other day Bug had a hard time sleeping because Jewel kept jumping on his window sill in the middle of the night and he insisted that she was tring to run away from us just like Rush did. Needless to say, he and Jellybean have been finding this incredibly difficult.

BigB is gone for another week next week and he has been in school all this. We haven't seen much of him but plan to have a nice family time after church on Sunday. it may involve pizza...delish!

Oh! I just saw my shadow and so I must retreat back into my hole and hide for a bit more. See you after the wedding - perhaps with pictures...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whole Lotta Shakin' Adjusting Goin' On

Wow, I have been quiet! I think this is probably the quietest I have been, well, ever.

Sorry about that.

There's just been a lot of adjusting going on in our home, in our lives.

Adjusting to BigB being gone for days at a time, in communities where we can't reach him.

Adjusting to Rush being gone.

Adjusting to the fragile emotional state of Jellybean and Bug right now, as they adjust.

Adjusting to the new school year (for the kids and for BigB).

Adjusting to adding music lessons, for both children, into our schedule.

Adjusting to my needing a new job. (I have a couple of places I would like to apply but I need to be able to find someone to "pawn" my kids off on for a bit - can't be applying for work with 2 kids in tow.)

Adjusting to the busyness of the last week and the upcoming week.

Adjusting to remembering to care for the two lizards we have inherited.

Did I mention adjusting to Rush being gone?
We may know where she is and we may know that she is being taken care of but, that only eases the worry and doesn't aid much at all in the "dealing" with the fact that she is gone.

It's has simply been a time of stretching and adjusting and trusting in God that He is in control and all will be as it is supposed to be.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What Happened?

I happened to remember this, not even recorded a year ago. What happened?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

16 More Days

Until I am done work here. Until I am at home with my two youngest.

The interview process has started.

It won't be long now.

I do still need to find a morning job...

...I need to get looking.

To and Fro

And no, this isn't a post about my hair...

This new job of BigB's has been great for him (for us); he loves the people he works for and with, the environment he works in and the opportunities he has to travel within our beautiful province.

He has gone to two places so far (other than around here), one being a place he had never been before and that was just last week. Today he leaves again and gets home Friday - just in time for the long weekend. (Speaking of the long weekend, I am hoping we do something). Tuesday morning he flies off again and comes home late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

I certainly hope he gets to make good use of his "collapsible" Ugly Stick fishing rod and new reel that we bought just for this purpose. It fits nicely in his overnight bag. I am thinking we need to send an empty cooler with him so he can bring some of his catches home for us to feast on. After all...'s only fair.