Monday, May 18, 2009

Wok with Yan LoveMom

If I weren't sitting on it and, therefore, knew I still had it, I'd swear (except I rarely ever do) that I worked my butt off. Now if only that saying went more like "I think I worked my gut off", that would be really cool!

Anyway, there was no sleeping in for this mama today. Kids had school despite it being a stat holiday here; we switched the day off at the school to correspond with our conferece coming up so these guys get Friday off.

Got the kids ready & off to school & BigB went with them to do more work on the building project. I had church work of my own today but I could do it from home; in fact, I needed to do it from home. I was doing some of the cooking for conference today and made 2 huge lasagnas. While I was at it, I thought I would make 2 family sized lasagnas as well, one for tomorrow and one for whenever. I made all the school sandwiches that I had room for (19 sandwiches later) and I made 11 breakfast burritos to freeze as well. I had a roast in the slow cooker for supper and we had some friends over; the younger kids at hot dogs,potato salad and watermelon and the older people had shredded bbq roast beef sandwiches.

Bug, J5 & J6 had SO much fun running around, terrorizing Jellybean & J4 just like good younger brothers do and Jellybean & J4 ran from them screaming like good older sisters do. They always have so much fun together.

Now I sit. Lunches are made (all but a piece of fruit) for the kids; I still need to make Rush & mine but I have this piano tied to the butt I thought I had worked off and I am feeling a smidge lazy.

Missing Rush a lot too; she was working at the group home again but should be home sometime soon. This whole not seeing much of her thing sucks! For all you moms who just have small children at home freeze dry them or something so they don't grow up on you. I plan on freeze drying Jellybean & Bug tomorrow... think I'm kidding...

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