Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just got back from church

...and had a little laugh to share with you. We left the warmth of our sanctuary to see a nice layer of snow on the vehicles in the parking lot (is this almost May or almost December?). BigB usually gets Rush to tell him if the way is clear and Jellybean has decided to take an active role in this duty as well. Tonight, with the friendly snow (I am trying to stay positive about it because it doesn't appear to want to leave) sticking to our window and the lack of snow brush in the van (where did it go?) Jellybean's side window was impossible to see out of. Here is how the story played out...

Jellybean confidently pipes up from the back, "It's clear! (pause) I think...I don't know...I can't see...".

I know as you read this you'll be thinking 'so?' but it was a cute moment-possibly a "had to be there" moment but you are getting to hear it all the same.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Still Do

...miss her that is.
I have sentenced myself to spend the day in the basement. It is my day off and I thought it would be a perfect time to get my office organized and some stuff done on my computer that I have been meaning to do for a LONG time...

May the force be with me that I may accomplish all I have set out to do on such a day as this. (Ha ha ha) Let's see how much gets done. It is now 9 AM so Ready. Set. Go!

Edited at 11:20 AM to add:

Why do you have to make a bigger mess to get things done when setting up an office/craft room? Don't get me wrong; I am making progress however, it doesn't completely look like it at this precise moment.

Edited again at 2:00 PM to say that I probably shouldn't have stopped at lunch time, finished watching "August Rush" with Rush or sat down at my computer when I got down here again. I seem to have lost my motivation. do....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

News from yesterday's blast

Here is an article I found regarding the explosion yesterday.

And something a bit interesting...whoever said that fake baking was harmful for you...take a look here to see how it saved this lady's life...

Friday, April 18, 2008

We've had a scare and a huge eye opener

An explosion in the hometown of two of our children today has claimed the life of at least one person and has 2 of the energy workers in very critical shape; other injuries, including the owner of the building, are unknown as to the extent. The news was sketchy to say the least and left imaginations to run wild.

The blast was heard and felt through the majority of the town and originated very close to where BigB's ex-wife worked. In that brief moment we forgot that she had been transferred and our thoughts went immediately to her safety.

It made me realize that I wasn't just concerned because she is the mother of 4 of my children and that her loss would greatly affect all 7 of my kids but that I really was concerned for her just because I like her and I would be affected on a personal level myself.

Funny how things like this can be used to tear off blinders, break down walls and make you realize just who is really important and how much they are valued.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Perhaps you will know...

Just how wet is "wet wet"? Jellybean & Bug were playing in puddles on a walk at their grandparents and according to Jellybean, M & Bug got "wet wet" but she only got a little wet.

Friday, April 04, 2008

And then there were 4

We recently got 4 new fishy additions to our one pathetic little neon fish we had in our aquarium. Today tragedy struck in our fishy world and it had to strike the fish of the softest heart in the bunch.

The fish's body was discovered at 1600 hours this afternoon by Rush passing by. The body was stuck to the filtration system and rigamortis had all ready set in. Officials are presuming time of death was approximately in the early hours of the morning. Foul play is not suspected at this time. All other fish in the neighborhood have been questioned and nothing of a suspicious nature was noted.

The body has since been removed, the aquarium task force has come in and cleaned the area and peace has returned to the aquarium once again.

The name of the fish can be released since all known next of kin have been notified. Suzy Q. Goldfish was laid to rest in the presence of her loving and attentive owner; our very own Jellybean. The eulogy was moving but not as much so as the burial itself.

"Suzy, you were a good fish. I will miss you." Flush!!!!

The tears of Jellybean, once having echoed through the hallways of this residence, have since subsided only to return briefly after a beautiful memorial portrait of Suzy was completed.

Suzy, your loss to the community of Goldfish Lane will be noticed for many years to come...well, seconds maybe. We are talking about goldfish after all.

Plans are in the works for a new member to move into Suzy's spot but this should go without saying, Suzy can never and will never be replaced.

The gentle art of persuasion

Bug came to me this morning asking if he could watch his "Spiderman" movie. I told him I didn't know just yet and "Could I think about it?"

He told me, "Yes." (waited for 30 seconds) "What do you think your answer is?"

"I don't know; I haven't even had a chance to think yet."

"Oh, okay." (waited about 5 seconds) "How about now?"

"Buddy, I can't think if you keep asking me questions."

"Oh, well could you just say Y. E. S.?"

"Buddy, just go and I will let you know when I am done thinking."

"Okay but it will be 'yes' right?"

It was eventually yes (about 15 minutes after the end of this conversation) as I had planned on putting a movie on for him while I went and had a shower but I had to let him play that one out a bit so it didn't seem like his persuasion was what had worked...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why I Love Being a Mom (Reason 859)

Moments just like this...

Reading this story; having Bug tell me that he wants me to do this for him even when he is a big boy and that when I am old he will come and rock me back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and when I am only 2 pages from the end of the story having him fall fast asleep in my arms to look just like this...

Because that's what puppies do.

Two of my nephews are here for a visit tonight. DeeDee is the same age as Bug; they'll be 5 this year. He was telling Bug all about his dogs and telling him that he had puppies but they are all up in Heaven.

Bug asked him why the puppies were in Heaven and DeeDee quietly and soberly answered "Because that's what puppies do."

Jellybean's prayer

Father God,

Please help me to find the time to pray to you when I am at school today and please help me to not be shy to talk about you to the new boy, Justin.


She also plans on fasting at supper tomorrow night...

He fought a swing and...not too sure who won.

Yesterday when picking the kids up from Grandma's she told BigB that Bug had gotten into a fight with a swing at school. BigB led Bug out to the van where I waited with his toque pulled down way over his forehead.

"Check out your son's face", he said calmly lifting the toque up and out of the way.

He explained to me what had happened as much as he knew. Bug explained it a bit more by telling me he was swinging on his tummy. He was swinging "really high up in the sky and falled off and landed on mine face". His teacher kept asking him if he wanted to go home, from what we have heard, but he insisted on staying.

This is what he looked like after the fight and why I am not entirely sure who exactly won...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Time certainly is a slippery little sucker

I came home from work tonight with every intention of making cookies with the kids. Rush kindly had supper ready on the table for us by the time we all got home from work/Pa & Grandma's house so we didn't have to worry about that. After supper I read a bit and when I was done I sat with Jellybean as she read the book she brought home from school to read, "You Can't Eat Chicken Pox, Amber Brown". She is just now reading some of the "harder" chapter books from the class's library so it took us a lot longer than anticipated. By the time we were done and had wandered into the kitchen to bake it was 10 minutes to bedtime. Drat!!! I have since made a date with Jellybean and Bug to meet me in the kitchen Saturday afternoon right after lunch and we will make our cookies!!

We'll keep a tighter grip on time that day!