Thursday, May 28, 2009


all a mom can do is be a mom and leave everything else in God's hands. Sometimes we just have to let go of the situation, knowing that no matter the outcome, God will be there to pick up shattered pieces and to mend broken hearts. A mom can fix a "booboo" on the knee with just a little band aid and a little kiss but, there are things that moms just have to leave to "the big guy".

We can ease bruised egos but we can not piece together broken hearts and shattered dreams. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to "fix" things for our children, we need to know that we are not capable of doing such things.

Sometimes it is hard to sit back, offering only a word of encouragement, a hug or tears on behalf of your children, and sometimes it is hard not to run to them but you just have to acknowledge that they have a Father who loves them so much more than you possibly can. Who are we to think we can care for them better than He?

Sometimes it is a struggle to leave those things to God and not try to fix them ourselves, and sometimes we must remind ourselves that, as mothers, there are things we are called to do and capable of doing, and others that we, simply, are not. In the midst of those time, mothers, we are called to pray; that is our job. Pray with fervency because the fervent prayers of a righteous man avail much.

Sometimes it is very hard to be a mom when you see your heart walking around in 7 different directions - epsecially when one of those walking hearts needs more than to be picked up and dusted off. Despite the fact that, at times, being a mom hurts beyond our control, I love being a mom and I will continue to do whatever I can for my kids, including giving complete control to God over their entire lives.


Sabrina said...
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Sabrina said...

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My husband and I met at college near Saskatoon. We have very fond memories of that province! Thanks for the note regarding MckMama's blog. I struggle with how many people buy into the idea that God is behind everything, good or evil. I am firmly convinced that evil exists, but that it is separate from God. Thanks for stopping in! I'll post that recipe in the next few days.