Monday, May 11, 2009

Boy, can he keep a secret

So Bug, my adorably delicious 5 (almost 6 - gasp) year old told me, on Friday, that he had a surprise for me.

"Mama, I have a surprise for you for Mother's Day...and I am not supposed to tell you that the surprise is a flower. Ok, Mama?"

"Ok, Bug. I sure am glad you didn't tell me what it was."

"You're welcome, Mama. I sure love you. You'll really be surprised. Can I give you a smooch on your cheek?"

"You sure can, Bug. You know what? I sure love you too."

I love how he keeps secrets and I have now put myself on notice to not take him with me while doing anything surprise related for the next few years...jsut in case he doesn't tell anyone what he's not supposed to tell.

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