Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vehicular deja vu

Our family finds itself in a familiar situation; for the second time this year, we have found ourselves without a vehicle. Our city doesn't have a great bus system (especially for the times of day we would need buses) and so, we are extremely blessed to have friends who have consistently gone above and beyond to help us.

BigB has been getting a ride to work with a guy he works with and that has been a relief as they work outside of town and we have a friend who offered to give him a ride if he ever needed one (she wouldn't have any purpose to be going out that way other than to help). The kids & I have been getting a ride to work & school from another friend who has been getting up on days she didn't even have to work to get us to our destinations on time. We have been so blessed.

The answer to our first (of the year) car "problem" was a fabulous couple (who have been long time friends of ours) gave us their old van; it was a tired old van but it served us well while it was able before it drove its last stretch and gave up with a bang (and a few tears from me). At least we shared its last moments in the countryside enjoying the sights, sounds and (ugh, skunk) smells.

To some it would seem strange that we are not freaking out (other than my initial-at-the-time tears sitting in my dress in front of a smoking van). It is not a want for us to have a vehicle but a need. So why aren't we freaking out? God provided for us before and He will provide for us once more. He is not taken aback by the events that lead up to our vehiclelessness and He was most assuredly not surprised by it. It says in Matthew 6 that He will provide for all of our needs and we have complete faith in that.

There is a possiblity that we may be able to purchase a super cab truck (year unknown to me but it is older) for $3000. This will require us going into debt a bit - until September at the latest. We, if purchasing said truck, will be getting it from BigB's boss, putting a down payment on it and making subsequent payments. BigB has had a mechanical third party look at it and he says it will serve us well, faithfully and reliably.

I guess we will know by tonight if we are deciding to take it or not, and then we will begin to save (after completion of paying for the truck) to save money in order to buy a second vehicle for the purpose of me being able to get my "mom errands" done if BigB is gone (especially after I start to be an afternoon SAHM, whcih may be delayed depending on how my current boss responds to the proposal I have for her).

So, to all our friends who have assisted us in ANY way during our stretching periods I would like to stand up and give you ALL huge hugs and extend my deepest, most heartfelt thanks. Know that your deeds have not gone unnoticed and that we will not take whatever opportunity we can, when we can to bless others as you have blessed us! Y'ALL ROCK!!!

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