Monday, October 12, 2009

Get 'er done

We got back from a nice weekend visit with BigB's mom and Dad and were also able to spend the afternoon with the kids (except LilB and Tuff) on Sunday.

Upon getting home I got the milk, bread and things we need for the beginning of the week, got the lizards home from their babysitter's (aka Dad & Jude's), did laundry (there is only 2 loads left to do!), moved some more stuff for the newest bedroom switch project, got the kids' lunches made while making supper and BigB got several rooms of carpet cleaned. Ugh! Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike carpet? I do...

But we are getting things done here. Kids helped cleaning the kitchen table and setting it and getting their laundry put away...

Can't wait for it all to be done...There will be some painting to do soon.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Looking forward

Some people spend too much time looking backward at the what-if's and the used-to-be's and the used-to-haves. Not me. I look to the now and the future. I am especially looking forward to the not-so-distant future. This weekend in fact! We are going to get to see BigB's mom and dad, and PB&J, Rush, Tuff and BabyK! I am really looking forward to it. I am not, however, wishing away the days in order to get there as I am making the best of the days I have been given and not what could have been or should have been. Look to the future; go straight up the middle and TOUCHDOWN!

Now I realize that parts of this post won't make sense to some but it makes perfect sense to me and, well, it is my blog so let's hope it does. {Grin}