Sunday, October 21, 2007

One slightly used tooth and a pink feather for the low, low cost $2.00. Beat that shopping channel!

Jellybean lost another tooth; she's an old pro at this now. She wiggles the crap out of the tooth for what seems like 24 hours a day until it is barely hanging on and then she gets her daddy to take the plyers to it in order to yank that sucker out of there. She lays on the couch like a brave soul and calmly allows her father to pluck this tooth from her face. She is by far the most trusting, so far, when it comes to Dad removing teeth.

The last lost tooth resulted in what we refer to as "The Incident"; I believe I posted it on here but I could be wrong. The tooth was, for some reason, being washed and it ended up that Bug lost the tooth down the bathroom sink. Devestation quickly ensued with us reassuring her that the toothfairy would still show up because she knows about little brothers. A strongly worded letter to the toothfairy regarding her brother seemed to ease her troubled mind and she slept peacefully awaiting her booty.

Today Jellybean knew that her tooth was going to come out today and used a package of sticky-notes giving the toothfairy directions to her room and even, more specifically, to her bed "just in case Flossy gets mixed up and goes to Rush's bed by mistake".

At bedtime, I made sure that Jellybean had her tooth under her pillow and asked her if it was in a plastic baggy so it wouldn't get lost in all those blankets, pillows and teddybears. She assured me it was and informed me that she also had a pink feather in the bag in order to pay the toothfairy. I tried, once again, to tell her that the toothfairy paid her for her tooth and that she didn't need to pay her but she insisted and I know better than to press the matter when Jellybean feels this strongly about something that she feels is the right and proper thing to do.

So, the toothfairy, Flossie (that's our family's toothfairy's name...there is a misconception that there is only one...she would be way too busy if there were only one toothfairy) walked away with quite a bargain today: one slightly used tooth and one fuzzy pink feather from the wand of Jellybean's hair sparkles for a low, low price of $2.00! What a steal! I just don't know what to do with the feather!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My little swamper

Apparently "swamper" is a trucking term for someone who isn't old enough to drive but is there to help with whatever it would be that a truck driver would need assistance with. That is the definintion, reworded, according to my husband. That was what my son was today; he helped his dad in the gravel truck and he is proud to be called a swamper.

(The only other term he had ever taught me was "lot lizard" and I didn't really care to ever know that one. If you were to think about it and know that a lot lizard is a specific type of woman who also assist, you would figure out its definition all on your own... )

Here are the pictures from today of Bug and his dad:

This and That.

I apologize for being such a slacker but I have been consumed a fair bit by Chemistry and, frankly, Facebook and its evil Scrabble game.

Our children have been tickling our funny bones with their insight and wisdom regarding life and the world we live in.

Jellybean has informed us that Bug has to change the name of his favorite lunch time sandwich. Apparenly it is not right for a boy to eat girl cheese sandwiches and when he has one it has to become a boy cheese sandwich.

We have also discovered a new species of animal thanks to Jellybean. Surprisingly it was discovered by Grandma and Pa while Jellybean was getting ready to come home from school and was the absolute, very last kid out of her door. They discovered a snertle! This bizzare little creature is a cross between a snail and a turtle and boy is she ever cute. However, she does not like the name she has been given and protests when you call her by Snertle. Jellybean prefers to be called by her given name.

We have been made aware that Rush has her first boyfriend. I think I felt my health deteriorate by about 20 years when she finally confessed to it. I don't know if I am exactly prepared for this but at least we know and we are not being tricked about it anymore and we can monitor the situation and ensure that there is proper and adequate supervision.

Bug is going truck driving right now with his dad. They are hauling gravel to help a friend and Bug has been so excited. He barely jumped out of bed beofre he was asking when they got to go and he was after me to make him truck driver snacks to take. This meant that we had to phone Pa to see what truck drivers took as snacks. In leiu of coffee he took juice but he took a sandwich like Pa said (I don't think though that Pa takes peanut butter and grape jelly), granola bar, some fruit and a yogurt. I think Pa would be proud of that truckdriver and his snacks. With the sharing of snacking wisdom Pa gave Bug a little bit of a tip as well. "Tell Bug to have a good day and to keep the shiny side up."

Bug and Jellybean are especially enjoying the new Dustin Smith cd we picked up. They are sure to be singing their absolute loudest on song #1..."We will shout it from the mountains, shout are Lord." It is very cute to watch Bug try to rock out this song while he "plays" his guitar along with it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There's been a little void

Here I am in Brookings, SD on my way back to Canada and this is the first time I have had access to the internet! I have been missing people and being able to correspond with them but I have also been having too much fun to miss it completely! We love it here; here being KC. Our friends here are fabulous and the family we have here is spectacular (and not limited to only LilB and Nat).

The wedding was fantastic and I will post some pictures once I get home and get caught up with a few things I will need to do there, unpack, work, homework, get my chem test done...all that fun stuff!

I do miss my friends and family back home though and am I ever looking forward to seeing and communicating with you (with whatever means we are used to) and I am looking forward to being able to finish that scrabble game with Cheryl!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Skip to the caf my darling.

Rush came home from school today telling me as soon as she walked up to the house that she needed to talk to me in private. It sounded quite urgent and given the circumstances this past week my heart skipped a beat.

Her eyes filled wtih tears as she told me that she was sorry and that she did something that we were going to be very angry at her as she had made a stupid decision. Apparently, she skipped phys ed today. She didn't do it to go to the mall or to visit with her friends or to smoke a cigarette. No, she skipped because she thought she was going to be too busy tonight to study for a science test she didn't know about (they found out Friday after she had left the school due to all the chaos) and so she went to the cafeteria to study for her science test.

How many kids will skip class to go study?

Granted, some people can say that we are gulible for believing that she went to study but those will be the same people who don't truly know her or just want to tease. I know that she is telling the truth(her gym teacher is apparently very hot...who would miss that?) and I also know...

that I have the cutest geeknerd daughter ever!