Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back to the way things were...

Things at the hospital have been very slow...so slow in fact that I will have worked 1 shift a week for the last three weeks. Not great for the budget if you ask me. So, I have been thinking and thinking and praying and praying and decided that it is time to get another part time job outside of the hospital but where...?

I thought about going back to Superstore and ruled that out very quickly. The other day BigB and I were having lunch at B.P.'s and we talked to Bonnie. She jumped at the idea of me going back there and was pretty sure it would be no problem since they don't have great staff there right now.

Today, after much thought and deliberation from BigB & I, I called and talked to Larry and I am going back to B.P.'s part-time. I will be working there a couple/three shifts a week Mon-Thurs from about 5-11. I will still be able to work all the shifts at the hospital other than the 4 hour evening shift in health records and will have most weekends off unless switchboard needs me for some shifts.

So, next week's schedule is all ready up but it looks like the week after that I will be, again, employed at B.P.'s. A few perks to look at...discount on food and I will get tips again...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Whines, Cries and other sounds that drive parents to drink

Ok, so lately Mr. Bug has decided to begin whining, not in the barely audible but extremely annoying way but, in the "You gave me heck!" followed by the most dramatic soap opera worthy cry I've seen in a long time. There is also the shoulder droop followed by the heart-wrenching run and cry to the bedroom which ends in the devestating throwing of ones own body onto ones own bed.

Today I had to have my eyes dilated at the opthamologists and my pupils were about 10 times bigger than my iris' were to begin with. There was a lot of light being forced into my face and I had...have a headache!!! Top this with the "Fabio" of daytime television and you have one cranky mama.

The great part of this equation is I get to go again on Thursday!!! I will deal with this whole headache thing again and then we have a sleep-over party for Jellybean and 5 of her closest girlfriends...why oh why do we willingly torture ourselves like this? I can all ready hear the ear splitting squeals and shrieks...I wanted to take them bowling...BigB decided to ask her if she wanted a sleepover!

P.S. As I was reading this to BigB, I said "Insert name here" instead of using Bug's name and he knew who I was talking about!!!!!!!! He knew!!!! Darn kid! He is, however, totally cute (and playing with his bellybutton as he drinks his milk beside me)!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bedtime Stories, Bedtime Snacks and Weird Bedtime Rituals

When Jellybean and Bug were nursing they both twirled their foot around and around and got a grip on my lip that would intimidate Hulk Hogan. Jellybean out grew any weird bedtime ritual obsessions but Bug, on the other hand, has developed a particularily weird comfort ritual...He plays with his bellybutton while drinking his cup of milk at bed. I mean, he prepares for this. He will lift up his shirt, raise his hand in anticipation for that cup and commence playing with his bellybutton.

Is it just my kid or does any other child have weird little rituals or habits you would like to share?

Camping Crackers

Last night Jellybean and Bug decided they needed a snack before they went to bed. I asked them what they would like for this snack and Jellybean responded with "Camping crackers, Mom; camping crackers!"

Camping crackers? It took me a second to figure out that camping crackers referred to Graham Crackers.

So, I sent them off to bed with a couple of camping crackers and thoughts of next summer when we can add the chocolate and marshmallows.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking a trip...down memory lane

Rush had to interview someone for school about a childhood memory that impacted their lives. Apparently her dad decided to tell her that she should ask me since I apparently have lots of memories that have impacted my life.

I wasn't really sure which memory to tell her I mean there are lots of memories that flood to mind when I think about it. I thought of telling her about the day I found out I was pregnant with her, about the time my brother almost drowned behind the barn, of being rescued numerous times by my grandpa when I got stuck in the muck in the barnyard, of tipping and tailing beans with my granny on her front porch, of being tricked to go to the barn by my parents so they could show me my new horse but, I think the memory that impacted me most, from my childhood, was the day our trailer burnt down so, I sat her down and began to tell my story.

It was February 1988 on a Saturday morning. My brother had woken up and was watching Saturday morning cartoons and everyone else was sleeping or in the process of just waking up. Apparently Shawn got thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink when he saw the flames shooting out of the electric outlet in our dining room at the head of the cot where my Grandpa E had slept just days earlier.

He yelled fire but I think it was my mom who ended up waking up my sister and I with her yells. We jumped up. I grabbed the quilt from off my bed and wrapped it around me and we ran up to my grandma's house in our bare feet. We didn't even feel the cold from the snow until we were safe and in Grandma's watching as our life's memories burnt before our eyes.

That's what I miss...the pictures/memories that were destroyed that day. Everything else is just STUFF; it comes and goes.

Our community really pulled together for us. The searched their stuff for things we would need and held a benefit dance for us at the local Elks Hall. What meant the most to me though was my good friend, Kerrie, who I had an on again off again relationship with (but who was also my best friend) gave me her most prized possession the next school day, a cross necklace.

My husband kind of laughs at me (in an innocent way) but I think this is why I take so many pictures of my family and friends...I am terrified of losing them all again. Possessions mean nothing in the grand scheme of things and we all (me included) give them too much power in our lives. What matters is the relationships, your family, your friends...

As we approach the Christmas season let's all try to remember that objects are temporary it is the legacy we leave, the love we give and the lives we lead that really mean anything in this world.