Monday, May 25, 2009

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 3

Ok, so conference can't all be about learning; we did have some fun. Right, Jonah?
Pastor Hank Canters gave us some thought provoking tidbits.
*"Yes, we love Jesus but what is the depth fof that love?"
*"Why do the $20, 000 cheques only come when you are teaching on prosperity & not repentence? It's all the attitude of our heart and our motives."
*"If we put conditions on our giving, and don't just give to God without strings attached, we are saying to Him that we don't think He is capable of running or managing our lives properly."

Elvis Alec Clarke from California. What a great guy and hilarious!
*"The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. Hell has gates to prevent Christianity from coming in and conquering but right now those gates are wide open & Hell is running rampant while Christianity passively sits back and allows it to."
*"If you can buy it, it means nothing - change your perspective!"
Pastor Ernie Turcott spoke as well but I couldn't find my picture of him. What a great man with an amazing testimony!
*"Woe to the man who gets in front of this ministry." (referring to CRC)
*"Be prepared, be equipped and be positioned!"

Our friends from Faith Alive; what a great and powerful time of worship we had! We LOVE getting together with them - one big family! (I think that it is so great that 3 churches from 2 different towns, so close in proximity, can work so closely together without strife or contention - very rare in churches these days.)

Too bad this turned out so blurry but this is the backup singers for Faith Alive.

Pastors Kevin & Teresa.

Jean introducing our speaker for the evening, Pastor Brent from Faith Alive.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stick around to listen to Pastor Brent for the entire time but he. is. F.U.N.N.Y! (I had to go pick up some of our church family from work.) I am looking forward to listening to the c.d. but I do know he spoke on humility.

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