Friday, May 29, 2009

Jellybean Fun

Oh, what a night

Bug was pretty pumped to get on his bike again; he had had to wait so BigB could adjust it.

Jellybean enjoyed her freedom of skipping up and down the block, after I "finally allowed" her to stop helping me pick up the neighbor's cigarette butts (ew!).

On the Rotary Trail not too far from the river; it was a nice walk, especially through the wooded area.

Bug got a little mischievious adventuresome and wondered off the trail into the swampy area and got savagely attacked mixed up in a bush of thistles.
Getting a bit of squishy face loving from Rush, which left me resembling a 108 year old lady with, apparently, no teeth. If I had any say in this, this picture wouldn't be on here. Oh wait, I do; it's MY blog but, meh, I put bad pictures of the rest of my family on here - I'm pretty sure that falls into the "it's-only-fair" category.

We went trick riding on a whale; Bug & Jellybean riding double.
Bug doing some stunt riding on the back of Sammy the Whale.

Rumor has it that you will swing faster if you close your eyes. (This tidbit of information brought to you by Jellybean and since she is a jellybean, and therefore, sweet, it HAS to be the truth. RIGHT?

This moment of over-acting brought to you by William Shatner Rush. That girl is a real hoot when she wants to be. Oh boy!

We had a great time after supper. Jellybean & I worked in the yard - mostly she asked if she was done and then got completely distracted when she was able to pick up and play with her first earth worm of the year. Bug rode his red bike and Jellybean skipped until we were all ready for the walk. We headed out to the Rotary Trail, which makes it nice walking with city kids and stopped in several little playgrounds for a bit of fun and so I could snap a few pictures (the only one willing of being my guinea pig subject was Jellybean; I fought tooth and nail sneakily snapped pictures of the rest)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


all a mom can do is be a mom and leave everything else in God's hands. Sometimes we just have to let go of the situation, knowing that no matter the outcome, God will be there to pick up shattered pieces and to mend broken hearts. A mom can fix a "booboo" on the knee with just a little band aid and a little kiss but, there are things that moms just have to leave to "the big guy".

We can ease bruised egos but we can not piece together broken hearts and shattered dreams. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to "fix" things for our children, we need to know that we are not capable of doing such things.

Sometimes it is hard to sit back, offering only a word of encouragement, a hug or tears on behalf of your children, and sometimes it is hard not to run to them but you just have to acknowledge that they have a Father who loves them so much more than you possibly can. Who are we to think we can care for them better than He?

Sometimes it is a struggle to leave those things to God and not try to fix them ourselves, and sometimes we must remind ourselves that, as mothers, there are things we are called to do and capable of doing, and others that we, simply, are not. In the midst of those time, mothers, we are called to pray; that is our job. Pray with fervency because the fervent prayers of a righteous man avail much.

Sometimes it is very hard to be a mom when you see your heart walking around in 7 different directions - epsecially when one of those walking hearts needs more than to be picked up and dusted off. Despite the fact that, at times, being a mom hurts beyond our control, I love being a mom and I will continue to do whatever I can for my kids, including giving complete control to God over their entire lives.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love is in the air

At least, according to Bug, it's fragrance is. This morning, as he was sitting on my knee during morning devotions, he nuzzled his nose into my neck, looked up at me and, through glistening eyes and a big, bright smile said, "Mommy, you smell like love."

That's a little surprising, considering I am wearing the same perfume today that caused him to say this to me just a few months ago. But then, maybe fruit loops do smell like love to a 5 year old boy.

Singing in the Rain

It was our first thunderstorm of the year last night and I LOVE thunderstorms. What do I love about them? I love the unbridled, raw, intensity of thunderstorms but I also love the feeling that I get in the midst of one.

Let me explain. As a kid ,moreso a teenager, I found safety sitting or walking during a thunderstorm; it was a time and a place where I could be alone with my thoughts, my true thoughts and have no one know I was crying. I especially liked spending time up here during storms (internal as well as external). I felt safe enough to "let out" all the feelings that I had stored up from my past and it was not uncommon for me to scream at the top of my lungs along with the thunder. Despite what I was going through at those times, the memories are good now. It was a place of healing when I didn't know where to turn for true healing (not just the train bridge but the storms as well, they were a place of healing for me then).
Now, I just love thunderstorms and walking/playing in them. I feel clarity, youthful (even though I really still am youthful just moreso), comfort and I love the fact the Rush loves to walk with me as she loves them just as much as I.
Last night we laughed with each other, to the point where it seemed we just may pee our pants, and it was great - a moment of bonding one may say. We walked, skipped and ran hand in hand down the rotary trail through a wooded area enjoying the beauty of the buds popping out into leaves and blossoms bursting forth into existence. It was, again, an escape, from some of the realities of our lives and an escape from the ever-present fact that I live in the city. It was so beautiful and peaceful to me to be able to pretend that the houses and new developments behind us didn't exist and it was just us in the bush during a beautiful thunderstorm.
We laughed at how wet we had gotten, at the fact that, at just the moment we decided to turn our faces to the rain, the rain got much harder for a moment and it felt like it was attempting to tear our retinas from our eyes and, yes, we laughed about that. I learned that Rush's dream is to, when the right one comes along and, she is old enough, be proposed to during a thunderstorm. I think that would be beautiful and I must remember to let Mr. How Lucky are You to Marry my Daughter know, when that time comes, so that this dream can come true for her.
*No pictures were taken on our journey last night as both our camera batteries were dead and I am pretty sure they would have gotten wrecked at some point had we taken them, considering how wet we both got. It is, however, permanently etched in my mind and in my heart, and I can't wait for the next storm!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am no stranger to strangeness

but this really took the cake...

I got a text on my cell from an unknown number in a different province stating 'Call me.'

I text back, "Who is this?"

About a half an hour later comes the reply, "Your ex husband. Lol."

#1 My ex-husband would have no idea what my cell number is.
#2 He would not be asking me to call him; we haven't heard from him in years.
#3 He would not use the term 'LOL' in a conversation with me (and I am almost certain with no one else either).

I text back saying, "I know you aren't my ex husband. Who is this and what do you want?"

The reply comes back, "Nothing I guess."

So I text back because I am really wondering which of my friends is playing a trick on me at this point and I say, "Please tell me who this is because I am really getting curious."

About 10 minutes later a call comes in and a strange man is having a conversation with me; I assure him that I am not his ex-wife and he begins to attempt small talk with me. By small talk I mean this man tried to spin some charm on me (I can totally see why the guy has an ex-wife to be calling).
"Who is this and are you in P.A.?" he says to me.

"You called me, buddy; I think you need to tell me who you are."

"I think I got the numbers mixed up."

"That's all right have a..."

"Why don't you tell me your name?"

"Sir, I am at work."

"Oh, you work?"


"You're probably married off too then, heh?"

"Yes, and happily."

"Ok well have a good day."

Is this the newest form of the dating game or something? Would you believe me if I told you strange things like this happen to me quite often? Would you? Would you believe they don't even catch me off guard anymore?

I wonder if I should call that guy's ex-wife and let her know he's looking for her - just to give her a head's up...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 4

Rush & I were in Children's Church for the morning session; we were teaching "God is my Optimus Prime"
"Jesus, you're my super hero. You're my best friend. Better than Superman." (one of the songs we sang but I am forgetting a line or two in there.)

The kids from my class during prayer at the end of the morning, praying for Bug; all he wanted was to be able to obey God & his mommy & daddy all the time.

Family Church's praise & worship team. Again, I think it is so great that our churches can work so closely together.

The team of people who came from Pastor Francis Armstrong's church (Kingston, On) to help us with some of our building project after conference. What a fun group of people (inlcuding having a water fight in the van while Jen was giving them the "grand tour" or our town.

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 3

Ok, so conference can't all be about learning; we did have some fun. Right, Jonah?
Pastor Hank Canters gave us some thought provoking tidbits.
*"Yes, we love Jesus but what is the depth fof that love?"
*"Why do the $20, 000 cheques only come when you are teaching on prosperity & not repentence? It's all the attitude of our heart and our motives."
*"If we put conditions on our giving, and don't just give to God without strings attached, we are saying to Him that we don't think He is capable of running or managing our lives properly."

Elvis Alec Clarke from California. What a great guy and hilarious!
*"The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. Hell has gates to prevent Christianity from coming in and conquering but right now those gates are wide open & Hell is running rampant while Christianity passively sits back and allows it to."
*"If you can buy it, it means nothing - change your perspective!"
Pastor Ernie Turcott spoke as well but I couldn't find my picture of him. What a great man with an amazing testimony!
*"Woe to the man who gets in front of this ministry." (referring to CRC)
*"Be prepared, be equipped and be positioned!"

Our friends from Faith Alive; what a great and powerful time of worship we had! We LOVE getting together with them - one big family! (I think that it is so great that 3 churches from 2 different towns, so close in proximity, can work so closely together without strife or contention - very rare in churches these days.)

Too bad this turned out so blurry but this is the backup singers for Faith Alive.

Pastors Kevin & Teresa.

Jean introducing our speaker for the evening, Pastor Brent from Faith Alive.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stick around to listen to Pastor Brent for the entire time but he. is. F.U.N.N.Y! (I had to go pick up some of our church family from work.) I am looking forward to listening to the c.d. but I do know he spoke on humility.

Revive Our Nation Conference Day 2

If I thought I was tired then, after one night of being at conference until 2 in the morning, I never thought ahead to today after completeion of the conference. I am so glad to have God strengthening me through this day!
Pastor Kevin introducing our speaker for the evening, Pastor Peter from Hamilton, On.

Pastor Peter was a fantastic speaker and, I think, we all learned a lot from him. (Most of which was on deutamus power).
"One after the other, in the Bible, the rejected became great and the insignificant became significant."

Not Me Monday

This blog carnival is courtesy of MckMama; why don't you head on over to her blog to see what she & the other mamas have not done this past week?

As for me, I did not get to go for lunch with a dear friend who I haven't seen in years. We didn't have a blast & didn't realize how similar we still are to each other even though we are both so different from who we were in high school.

I didn't forget my camera and am, therefore, pictureless of this wonderful lunch date because I am always prepared. This is why you seriously will not see a picture of it on this blog. You really won't.

We didn't get a car on Saturday (that needs some work but is a good car) and I wasn't the slightest disappointed that it wasn't a minivan or a truck and I most certainly didn't get upset at first. I am much too mature to be upset at actually having a running vehicle just because it isn't exactly what I am hoping for.

I really don't know anything about the car other than it is a Grand Am. No, really; I don't!)

I didn't decide to get serious about eating better while eating hawaiian pizza and drinking coke (albeit a thin crust pizza); I am always health conscious and only put wholesome, healthy foods to these lips.

I didn't lose my voice from singing and praying at our conference this past week. Not me. Why would I do that? Certainly not because the Bible tells us to love God with ALL our mind, soul & strength.

I am certainly not looking forward to a restful night at home now that conference is over. Upon saying that, I am certainly NOT sad that conference is over.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Revive Our Nation Conference Day One

BigB & I just before conference started.
Rush & I. It was like pulling teeth to get her in a picture with me and then she was being very silly! :D (Right, Rush?)

Some of the New Tribe worship singers. (I am second from the left if you couldn't see my hair. grin!)

The lovely Miss Teresa; she is a GREAT worship leader!

Ysreal, Genevieve and their lovely little baby belly! (She is too cute! And what a mom she will be; they just got back from hiking in Isreal!)

Pastor Glen S, Pastor Greg R, Pastor Brent R and his lovely wife, Barb.
"We don't need a bunch of resources; just take what's in your hand & use it!" - Pastor Brent

Pastor Glen speaking and his lovely wife.
"This is just the jumping off place. THIS is the first stage!" - Pastor Glen
Pastor Peter Marshall.
"We don't live by the world but by the Word." - Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter

Miss Teresa introducing our fearless leader.

Pastor Kevin.

These next few pictures are what it looked like at our altars after most everyone had left; I think there were about 15 people left and we didn't leave until 1:30 in the morning.

I love our church! We are so fortunate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

He's a creative genius!

Bug was making this worship song up as he went along and, to the best of my mommy deciphering ability he is saying this"

"Jesus, we need you

We love you so.

Be near...forever with us..." (And the very clear, "Can I see the video?")

What a great song from his heart!

We love you so

It could be "vewy", "vewy" quiet for the next while

Because today is the beginning of our conference! YAY! And I will be quite busy the next 4 days but i will update if and when I can with pictures and/or stories! I am so excited! Can't wait even!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ode to the "Man Van"

You may not have been real pretty but you served our family (& the special family that had you before us) well.

We may not have had you for long but you have hauled our oldest two to youth events & to their friend's farm many years before and you faithfully hauled our butt around town &, most importantly, to church this past winter.

You always smelled of 'farm' and grease and oil and, even though it got into my dress clothes, I loved that about you; that smell always made me think of my farm-living days, and I, for one, will miss your disassembled dash and your headlight switch that dangled just slightly to the left of the steering wheel.

Now, here you 'sit', having gotten just enough life in you to move from the spot I left your smoking, lifeless being, to make it into our parking spot (a constant burden reminder).

This is taken from our parking spot behind our house and down this back alley, just behind that green box at the back of the picture is where the Man Van could no longer be coaxed to move, where it gave up its 'life' violently with a bang and a huge, billowing cloud of smoke.

Just behind this building is the highway I was on, turning onto our street when the Man Van gasped its last breath and stalled only to valiantly coast to the beginning of our back alley before going no further. One can only know that it 'wanted' (tee hee) to keep me safe from any harm before reaching the end of its life (grin); the Man van was just like that - always giving...

Now it's time to move on and let the Man Van go. Maybe replace it with a 'rockin' mom mobile'. Nah, that just doesn't have the same ring as Man Van.