Friday, June 05, 2009

Little Tidbits of Yesterday and Today, Yonder and Now, Past and Present...Okay, I'm done!

Last night we had ourselves a NICE supper; in fact, Bug commented several times "God, thanks for this wonderful supper". BigB grilled up some steaks (and cooked them perfectly to each individual liking) and I baked some potatoes and steamed some veggies. We opened a can of beans to go with it all and, yummy, we had a great supper.

I like to put salsa and a little crumbled feta cheese on my baked potato and Bug has develeoped a love for this "white" cheese. As I was crumbling mine onto my potato, Bug asked me if I could get him some. While getting the cheese for him, I asked him where he wanted it; I thought maybe he wanted it crumbled on his potato as well. Well, we almost fell over laughing when he looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted tenticles from my nose and said, "Here" as he wiggled the fingers on his outstretched hand. That boy loves himself some feta!

After supper as Rush did her chores, I joined Bill at the car to "help" him work on the car. I don't know what I did to help or what he was really expecting but I mainly sat on the grass watching him or chasing Jellybean & Bug down the street just to hear their giggles of glee as I reached and tickled them. When we thought it may be fixed, he & I took a drive down the highway to see if it was a success.

No. We have checked the computer code to see what the problem is for the "service engine" light to keep coming on and the only part it says we need has been replaced but there is still something not quite right as the car still hesitates and seems like it doesn't get enough gas to carry on, occassionally.

I have been trying to find a dress to wear to my brother's wedding this fall and I could never find anything that I really liked in this little town but my very good friend works at Reitmans and she told me that the minute their dresses came in, she would let me know. They have come in and yesterday after the 'mechanicing", we stopped by to see what we could find.

I tried on 3. This one(The link doesn't take you to the direct dress so I typed the name for you to scroll through the 5 dresses until you see the correct name) (cowl neck sleeveless dress). One they don't have a picture of and this one (rose printe dress). I really liked the purplish one but BigB thought it looked too boring and dull so we chose this rose print dress with some turquoise accessories (a thick bangle bracelet, scarf and earrings and I will probably just wear a nice silver chain); I am pretty happy with my find.

It is on hold at Reitmans right now and I will go pick it up, to be my very own, next Friday when BigB gets paid. I won't even need to buy shoes to go with it because I all ready a own two cute pairs that will go perfectly (just a matter of deciding now) so I may get some opinions as to which would be best closer to the wedding.

To celebrate our shopping success we went to Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped cone. Yummy! And took a little drive in the country dirt road outskirts of town.

By the time we picked J1 up at work to take her to her house, I was beat from the day and I washed my face, put on my jammies and was in bed and sound asleep before 10.

I fell asleep thinking about our J and wondering how her graduation went, hopping that she will send us some pictures so we can at least pretend we were able to be there and thinking how very proud I am of her. She is now an LPN (licensed practical nurse)! We really can't wait to get this car road worthy (of going distances) so we can get out to see her and P.B., see their new house (we've only seen pictures) and have a nice visit with them.

Tonight is dress rehearsal for my friends' wedding! Tomorrow they are getting married! Yay! Our worship team is going to be singing at the wedding; I think that's kind of cool. I have never done that before and it is really great that we can help be a special part of their wedding that way.

Just don't go thinking I am The Wedding Singer or anything; although...I can badly sing 80's songs with the best of them.
Oh, and just because I know you will all be rivoted by this information, the skin on my face is SO incredibly happy with me since my Wednesday night purchase ( I ran out last week). Last night I think I even heard it sigh! (I also picked up some fun new colors.)

And to keep with the taking care of oneself, I get to go, with some of the girls from work, to a spa for some spoiling and I just may look a lot like this that afternoon! We will also be getting to participate in their therapeutic pool, steam sauna, infared sauna, chair massage, tea buffet and a do it yourself facial. This joyous occasion takes place on June 18 and my harsh Canadian winter skin is screaming for this to happen.

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Louise said...

when I click on the dress link of the one you chose I get a blank page... so I'll wait until I see you in the pictures.