Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday, a fun blogging carnival created by MckMama to share with each other those embarrassing, silly, senseless or less than ideal things that have happened to us during the week. A fun sort of free therapy one may say. So take a peak at what I didn't do and head on over to see what she and the other ladies haven't done as well.

I did not spend too much time going through photos of Rush this past week because she is going to be turning 16 in less than 2 months and I didn't go through a pre-mourning pity party. Nope. Not Me! I am always composed and it doesn't bother me that my children are growing up so fast and I certainly didn't say that it seems like I just gave birth to this beautiful young lady 4 minutes ago instead of 16 years ago.

I wasn't super excited that when BigB and I went out for a drive that he took me out for a DQ chocolate dipped cone and then surprised me with a stop at my Dad's house. I didn't almost cry when I saw my dad because I love him so much and I didn't end up writing this post about how he and my Judy always come to the window to wave goodbye to us. I also didn't go through a few months worth of pictures just to find the photo I took of them standing in their window to accompany said post. I am not a daddy's girl and even if I were, I most certainly wouldn't be a suck about it.

We didn't laugh, uncontrollably, at our two youngest children over a disgusting game of "Truth or Dare" and I most certainly didn't put the story up here for the whole internet world to see and, even if I did do that, I wouldn't put a link to it so all my fellow "Not Me-ers" could take a peak at the story if they wished.

I did not, jokingly, try to convince Rush to take a swim in a green and orange algae covered pond by telling her it would be good for her skin because I am a kind mom and wold never dream of playing a trick on her like that. She really, truly didn't fall for it and so I didn't keep imagining in my head how funny it would look to have her emmerging from that greenish water looking all swamp-manish. I also didn't tell her that would make a great picture and we should do that when I take her out to do a photoshoot in the next couple of weeks. She really, truly didn't think that was a good idea and she most certainly didn't roll her eyes at me.

I didn't have a great time visiting with friends last night and didn't eat a jumbo Dr. Pepper freezie and then go with my friend to the grocery store 10 minutes away just to buy Brownies (to give into a craving) because we are way smarter than that and have much better nurtitional skills.

I most certainly didn't cry when I heard my oldest son's voice on Saturday. I don't miss him at all and I certainly didn't wish that I could have seen him on Friday for his birthday. I didn't jokingly tell him that we tried to contact Bill Gates to have him send his private jet to pick us up and take us to Kansas City but that Bill was being rude and wouldn't return our calls.

So, there you have it, some of the things I didn't do this week. Now, remember to check out MckMama's and see what she and the other ladies haven't done!

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