Thursday, June 04, 2009

Girls' Night Out

By the end of the day yesterday I had decided I didn't want to go but I have a dear husband who loves me and gave me a gentle kick out of the nest (or the mild pity-party as it may have been). I had decided that sitting at home was going to be WAY more fun and beneficial for me than going out, after all I went out to Krisann's bridal shower the night before and, apparently that means, I am destined to stay at home for the rest of the week bound to the washer and dryer. (C'mon, it made sense in my head during my mild pity-party and, heh, who has a party and doesn't serve refreshments? Apparently I do because I failed to offer myself any kind of appetizer or gooey chocolate treat. Some hostess I am!)

So I hopped on over to my friend Char's house and we headed off, Char, J1 and I, too Loretta's and then off to the party. There were only 7 of us, not including the MaryKay lady and it turned out to be a blast but what else could you expect when you get 3 Newfies, 2 Indians and 2 Cowboys in the same room? We laughed, we primped, we preened and we looked, dare I say, gorgeous!
So, a big thanks to BigB for kicking me out of my house and "allowing" me to spend money! Yay for MaryKay and for good friends who are ready to compliment each other on how fabulous we all looked. Shazam!

The bride-to-be, Krisann (center), her mama, Rose and J1.

Here I am, making a brief appearance (it happens here sometimes; I am on occassion in front, and not behind, the camera) on my blog, pre-makeup but post skin care and foundation. Oh and I know I said I am glow-in-the-dark white but I seemed to have been proven wrong; I din't have to use the lightest foundation in Ivory, and was, in fact, Beige 300! And we haven't even had any summer weather yet! A'RIGHT!!!

Our fearless (you'd have to be to take on this group of friends) leader.

The trouble-makers My friends, Char and Loretta.After make-up (including bronzer, for. the. first. time. ever.) Too bad I always have such squinty eyes when I smile.

I have gorgeous friends, inside and out!

The hostess with the mostess, for this month anyway...the lovely J1!
Rose lookin' swe-et!
We had loads of fun and there is another party in July! *Tingle* We got a sneak peak of what the special is and I am now on my way to the ditches and garbage cans to get me some pop cans for recycle and save my mula!

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