Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been A Couple Days

What can I say? I have been busy with lots of little things and some pretty important things like Friday night's CRPS awards, visiting with my mom on Saturday, teaching Children's Church on Sunday morning and attending CRTC's grad on Sunday night.

The kids at CRPS have all done so well this year and it was great to see them get recognition for their hardwork. (I'll only tell of my three since none of the people who read here know any of the other kids.) Rush & Bug got certificates with a character trait on them and a trophy; Jellybean got this as well. She also received trophies for highest Junior average in Social Studies and in Science, as well as getting a medal for memorizing all of her memory verses. We then had a fun time of food, fellowship and cake to celebrate the kids hardwork.

Saturday morning my mom came for a visit; she joined me at music practice to take a listen to us and the two of us headed for some mom/daughter time and hit a local restaurant for some nachos and laughing. She shared supper with the whole family, watched Fireproof with us and then headed back home.

I had a bit of work to do on my Children's Church lesson for Sunday morning before going to bed. Children's Church was great! I taught on "Quality time with 'Dad'" given that it was Father's Day and some of the kids had a pretty firey time of prayer at the end of class. It was great to watch these young kids crying out for God to touch them in powerful ways and to give them the discipline to spend that quality time with Him.

We took BigB out for lunch/supper between service and the CRTC grad ceremony. Proud moments that night too. A lot of people overcame having not been in school for almost longer than I have been around or learning disorders and other situations as well. I got my marks from the first semester that I had taken classes (I put the schooling on hold to be with the kids more right now) and I ended up with a 92.7%; I was pretty pleased with that and I look forward to when I do go back.

Today, we are counting down hours as LilB is on his way to our house from KC as we speak and should be here sometime tonight. It is going to be very nice to see him in person as he has been going through some difficulties and it will just be reassuring for this mom to see her son in person and see that he is ok.

Tonight Rush & I are going to a barbeque for the music team and BigB and I are in the midst of planning tomorrow's youth night: water ballons and watermelon to go along with BigB speaking ("Being Drenched in the Spirit - can't wait to hear that one).

So, that's it in a nutshell. It's been fun and I will put pictures up of the past events and the soon-to-be events. I just am running a bit short on time right now.

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