Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, 911?

That's what he said and I am NOT making that up!

Today Jellybean & Bug were playing "Truth or Dare" (and I thought that was a scary game when played by Junior High aged girls). Word to the wise, people, if my kids come to your house to play do not, I repeat, do not let them play "Truth or Dare" with your kids.

You may be asking yourself 'why?'; you may be thinking 'it's just an innocent game' but, when my kids play, someone ends up licking the toilet.

"What!?!" we said, as they retold this story through fits of giggles and gagging. "Do you know what you just licked!? Do you know you could get really sick from doing that?! Do you know how GROSS that is!?"

As this all sank in, Bug's face foreshadowed some insight into his toilet licking escapade his Denis the Menace charm and he picked up my cell phone , pretended to dial, and said...

..."Hello, 911? I just licked the sister dared me. Please, send an ambulance. Thank you!""

To which, he looked over at us with more mischief than our neighborhood punks the biggest, goofiest grin he could muster, gave us the "eyebrows" and burst into Abs of Steel making laughter.

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