Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"Yeah! Well she died!"

Coming home from work yesterday with Bug in the back seat was a "beverage-out-of nose" (if I would have had one) adventure.

Bug hates bugs; he has to kill every bug he sees (other than ladybugs and worms as they, apparently, are not bugs). There was a teeny little spider in the backseat with him and when Bug failed at being able to fling him off the seat to stomp on him, Bug took off his shoe and repeatedly attempted to smack him with said shoe. This was an absolute fail; the poor spider did nothing but flail around like a ragdoll on a trampoline.

Eventually I jokingly said to Bug that he should just 'eat the spider. It will be ok; I heard of an old lady who swallowed a spider.'

And he said...C'mon everyone, say it with me!

"Yeah! Well, she died!"

A lengthy pause later he followed with, "Man. I hate it when old ladies die!"

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Paula Joy said...

LOL!! Kids say the cutest things.