Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Give Me Fever...

This handsome, fun-loving...

...and kind young man

is sick.

He woke yesterday morning with a fever; it started to come down slightly. When I got home from work it was almost 41 degrees Celsius (not entirely sure what that is in Farenheit - about 104). A lukewarm bath brought it down to a not too bad level. I was told he didn'thave a fever when going to bed last night; he woke this morning and it was 38.5. He snuggled with his brother LilB grinning like an idiot that he was really here (yesterday must have been fever induced dream like); I talked to Jellybean on the phone today and she informed me that Bug was outside with LilB working on our car. I received a text from BigB saying Bug was even playing this morning.
A half hour ago, LilB text me to say Bug's fever is back up to 38.5 and he is, once again, lethargic (but not as bad as yesterday).
There may be a trip to the doctor planned AND I think I will be excusing myself from tonight's Youth Group waterfight and watermelon eating contest to "nuggle" with my sick boy. BigB and LilB are more than capable and I will be where my heart longs to be anyway, caring for my children (well, one anyway - the others, that are here, will be in the midst of waterfights, watermelon and BigB's devotional "Being Drenched in the Spirit"). I think I will send my camera along in hopes that one of the 3 capable of picture taking will snap a photo or two of the watery fun!

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