Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! A fun and therapeutic way to deal with our not-so-proud and not-so-glorious moments from the week. It was created by MckMama, mom to many small children. So pop on over to her site to read what she and others have NOT done in the past week. Here is what she has to say about Not Me Mondays:

"Are you feeling guilty for pretending not to notice as your child sucked toothpaste out of the tube? Feel like a slouch for wearing your husband's big, baggy t-shirts all day? We'll don't! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!"

I did NOT play nursemaid to my family all wee - one at a time it seems. Bug did NOT fight a temperature between 38.5 and 40.7 Celsius (which is approximately 100 to 103 temp) for 4 days. With his temperature so high I did NOT end up taking him to the doctor and, therefore, don't have these pictures to share with you.

I had only left him on the couch for 5 minutes while I tucked another sick child into their bed and I came upstairs to this sight - Bug passed out on the loveseat with his bottle tucked in his arm; I did NOT have to snap a picture because I found it terribly humourous given the fact that he reminded me of a 5 year old version of a park-bench person. Nope, NOT ME; I don't find humor in the strangest most inappropriate places, especially when I am tired.


We did NOT spend most of our visit with LilB dealing with gingerale, thermometers, tylenol, lukewarm baths, "nuggles" and pukepails and not nearly as much visiting as we had hoped. BigB and LilB did, however, get to make it to the golf course twice before both were struck with this flu.

With all the sickness running amuck in my household and all the HIGH fevers, I did NOT spend most of my time running around with this in my hand

run to one person, checking a temp, running to disinfect, on to the next, and so on. Nope, NOT ME! We are the epitomy of health ALL the time.


It was NOT our 9th anniversary on Wednesday and we were NOT scheduled to teach in Youth that day so we did NOT do anything for our anniversary until Saturday afternoon. We did NOT have a great lunch at a nice vietnamese restaurant having hot and sour soup and special vermicelli (YUM) along with some great conversation!

I usually do NOT have a reflective day on our anniversary because it is not just our anniversary but two special people's birthdays as well and so I did NOT get emotional and write about it here. NOT ME! I am not senitmental AT ALL.

With all the sick children I had to contend with I did NOT make it to church Friday night just to turn around and take two of them home right after I was done singing. I did NOT feel a smidge selfish because I did NOT want to stay so I could sit with LilB during a service as it has been so long. I did NOT wish I could have stayed to listen to the sermon as it was on Persistance and Consistency. Nope, I am never selfish about anything so NOT ME! NOT ME! NOT ME!

I did NOT have my cell phone with my at church (eventually giving it to BigB) because we were waiting for the doctor to phone us with news from the pediatrician as to what he wanted us to do with Bug and all his feverness. (I did NOT just make up the word 'feverness'.)

The pediatrician said to just continue with what we were doing but they did NOT put his name on a list so the on-call ped would be aware of him should we have to take him into emergency. We, thankfully, did not have to take him!

I did NOT end up laughing at my children or my husband as they said some very silly, fever-induced things that made no sense because I am ever the sensitive one and I would NEVER laugh at the expense of my family especially when they aren't feeling well - no matter how silly their words are. NOT ME!
Because of all the sickness that has NOT been making its rounds in my house I will NOT be spending my days off this week (I have Wed, Thurs, Fri off) disinfencting my house. I will NOT probably take a break from it on the evening of Wednesday so my family & I can enjoy the Canada Day celebrations and fireworks (if there is no fireban or anything and they still have them). I am NOT looking forward to that and don't have to go out today or tomorrow to buy our Canada Day red & white accessories.

So that is what I have NOT been doing this week. I wonder what I won't do next week. Hopefully something that deals a lot less with medication and thermometers.

I will leave you with a sight that I did NOT see last night just to prove to you that LilB is not as big of a geeknerd as BigB.

Nope. I do NOT have two geeknerds in my family and still do NOT have a broken computer with scads of pictures on a hard drive that I can not get to and a weak little laptop to carry me through. Since there is so much computer knowledge in my family, I always have a finely tuned computer...just like the mechanics wife has the smoothest running car and the carpenter's wife never has half-finished projects in her house. NOT!!!!!
I did NOT find out how terribly easy it is to make s'mores in the microwave and how delicious they are NOT! I always thought microwaved s'mores would be gross. I guess that's why I did NOT eat at least one a day every day last week at work! Nope, NOT ME! I have way more will power than that and can so totally resist its melty chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness...{drool}


I also did NOT look down yesterday morning while singing on the Worship team, in front of our congregation to see my belt (with a d-link buckle) had come undone and my belt was swinging in the breeze in front of all to see (at least it wasn't keeping my pants up). I also did NOT discover the underwire to my bra sticking out the top of my shirt during alter call. I most certainly did NOT discover either of these things as I make darn sure I am well put together, never falling apart, especially in public places. I would never have left the house with such defective clothing and it would NOT have been a smidge embarrassing )darn pride! {grin}


Soon to be Mrs. M said...

Oh my, what a fun week you have had! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Missy said...

MMMMMMM s'mores!!!!!!!!! I'll have to try them in the micro!!!

Sorry you've got the sickies in your house...we had this past weekend here too!! NOT fun!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and Happy Canada Day (early, I know!)

Missy said...

Thank you for that advice....otherwise I'd be sure to be Not Me!'ing it next time! LOL