Monday, June 08, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to this fun little blog carnival created by MckMama, mom to many adorable children; she created this as a fun "therapy" for all of us moms to share what we have not really been doing. When you're done here, stop by her blog to see what she & the other moms have not been doing.

This past week has not been jam packed with fun; therefore, I most certainly did not spend Tuesday night at my friend's lingerie bridal shower, laughing and having so much fun with my friends.
I did not spend Wednesday night doing almost the same thing but at a MaryKay party and if I did I most certainly would not have blogged about it here (complete with pictures).

I did not cheat on my diet lifestyle change and eat a Whopper from Burger King not once but twice due to our schedules of getting here and there last week. Having said that, I most certainly didn't add to the caloric intake and ask for bacon and cheese on the second trip. I am very disciplined and would never cave into peer pressure from my husband to indulge in such horrible food and I certainly wouldn't cave twice!

I didn't have loads of fun at Colin & Krisann's wedding on Saturday and most certainly didn't wish I had taken LOTS more of that delicious fish they cooked up from Northern Ontario. It probably wasn't absolutely delicious.

Speaking of the wedding, I most certainly didn't decide to wear 5 inch heels and by the end of the day I was NOT the one begging all the men to trade shoes with me just so I could be in flat shoes. Nope not me. I never beg and I am poised and ever the lady and I can handle wearing tremendously high heeled shoes with grace and joy.

I don't think it was incredibly funny that as I typed the word 'grace' above I had a typo and spelled 'grave'.

I did not say good bye to my "nephew" yesterday as he is heading back to Ontario and it did not break my childrens' hearts to say goodbye to him so these pictures were not taken.

I didn't spend most of Thursday thinking of my daughter, J and wishing I could somehow transport myself to see her graduate from her LPN program! I did not think how proud of her I was. I did not find myself, on occassion, wiping a tear from my eye.

I do not think I am the luckiest(if I believed in luck which I don't) mom in the world because I have the greatest kids! I do not love to see their faces light up when they see me or have them to snuggle into me. I do not melt when they tell me they love me. Nope, I am not a very lucky blessed woman. I do not hope to save up some money so I can take the kids and my honey on a nice vacation. (A woman I respect very dearly told me you have never been on a vacation if you have never gone somewhere without a purpose and you have never gone somewhere where you don't know anyone - if you go to see family/friends it is not a vacation but a visit. She is sitting on a beach in Montego Bay right now working on my share of the tan she is going to bring home.)

As I type this, I have not realized that there are only 5 days of school left, including today and I am not going to have to figure out some days that I want for holidays in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of your nephew and the kids.