Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Because it's a Special Day

That's right today is a special day. June 24th always has been. My grandpa was born on June 24, 1900 in Odda, Norway; he was my best friend. He had twinkling, mischievious eyes that sparkled when he was up to something (just like my very own Bug's do) and he loved to hear you laugh. He loved to steal our desserts by fabricating some kind of story of some animal or another coming down the driveway in order to distract us. He pulled on his earlobe to hear you even though he had hearing aides and he always had to do something to be helping out even when his years failed his body. He always said "Oh ye" and the way he said my name, with his Norwegian accent, I can't even begin to describe how it made me feel (What did he call me? Anyula) His feet were extremely ticklish and his sense of humor and love of laughing and jokes made his eyes shine like a young boy. I loved his eyes; there was so much love and life in them and sometimes I find myself just staring into his eyes through the pictures I have of him on my living room wall. Grandpa always told me that the eyes were the window to the soul; he had a beautiful soul and today was his birthday which is why... marks my 9th anniversary. I have been married to BigB for 9 years now and it has been rocky and it hasn't always been sunshine and roses smiling upon us. There were times when it seemed like this moment would not have gotten here but it did and we are changed. We are closer than ever before and it is only getting better. We have learned how to honor each other properly; we have learned that the closer we draw to God the closer we seem to draw to each other. We have learned that love is not a noun but an action and we have learned to step into our proper roles as man and wife. We have learned what proper submission is and how it pertains to us and each other.

I love being married to my husband; he provides for us as best as he can in so many ways and on so many levels. He has been a great father to my children. I am very blessed to have him (as he is to have me). It says in the Bible that marriage is "when two become one" and I can tell you taht the rocky parts of our marriage were when we fought being one and sought to be our own, when we were trying to go on our own path and drag the other with us. We are now walking, in unison, down the same path, to the same goal, focused on the same finish line and we are SO MUCH closer to being one.

I can't wait to see what this next year holds for the two of us because we both know that we will continue to grow closer. So, I love you, hun. Happy Anniversary!

You would think that would be enough to make this day special right? But that isn't all. Today is my "sister's" mom's birthday. Huh? My "sister". C'mon, you all have one! You all have that friend that is not a friend but a sister; the friend that time, distance or other circumstances does not change or alter your relationship because it is on a different level than friend. Anyway, today is my "sister's" mom's birthday. Her name is Judy and she is a beautiful woman! She really truly is. She is gorgeous but aside from that she is a beautiful woman. Remember the eye thing my grandpa told me? Judy is beautiful, not just outwardly, but her soul is beautiful. She is kind, full of life and is just an all-round great lady. To Rush, she is a grandma and always will be, and, although, we don't see her much anymore (due to our moving) we think of her often...especially today. Happy Birthday (Grandma B) Judy! We ♥ you!


Louise said...

well no wonder mom had no clue who I was referring to when I told of your status about it being your grandpa's birthday and also your grandma's birthday... I told her the name and everything... and she was still confused. I said to her,'Well, all families have two sides so it is probably on her mom's side of the family." and we left it at that. LOL

Love Mom said...

Lol, I have several sides plus a couple of made up