Friday, June 19, 2009

One word...Aaaahhhhh!

Spa day with my co-workers was fabulous, wonderful, relaxing and do-over-and-over again enjoyable! Rush & I plan to go for some mom and daughter chill-out time closer to her 16th birthday.

What did I do? I relaxed to the point of sleeping during my Iron Mineral Body Scrub & Aloe Wrap (aaaahhhh); after which I enjoyed several relaxing minutes (about 15) of solitude in the wet sauna, some laughter and stories in their therapeutic pool, deliriously relaxing time in the infrared sauna (again about 15 minutes {apparently this aids in weight loss - yay!}), ate some cheese, crackers, grapes and chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing decor and atmosphere they have lovingly created at Serenity Spa.

What is there to say but, aaaahhhhh.....

Unfortunately someone took some blurry pictures but I am totally relaxed during my Mineral Scrub and Aloe Wrap.

What a fabulous afternoon. I am so looking forward to being able to spend some great, relaxing time just me and Rush here.

...and here

...and probably here.

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