Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Been Kinda Dry at our House

But boy, oh boy, are we ever glad. It has been a time of celebrations and high-fives, and a time of rest for our washer & dryer. You see, my 5 year old has had difficulty in the wee hours (no pun intended but now that I type it out it is very funny) of the night waking enough to realize he has to go to the bathroom.

We tried every trick we could think of:
-No liquid after 6 (or if he was really thirsty, we limited him to a medicine dropper full - I only kid on that but we would seriously only give him a mouthful or two, if he was very thristy).
That didn't work.

-We tried the let's be cruel and wake our poor boy in the middle of the night to drag his zombie-butt out of bed, somehow manage to steer him to the bathroom and coach him into remembering how to take off his underwear (or where they even go) in his sleepy, half awake, mostly comatos state just so he could go to the bathroom and wake up dry! (Whew! Must take a breath after that run-on sentence).
Guess what? That didn't work either. Most times we just wound up frustrating ourselves and confusing him because after sleeping soundly for 4 hours he understood about as much English as an undiscovered tribe of pigmys (Do you think I am kidding?! Nah uh!) adn I usually had a toilet or a bathroom floor to clean the next day because ones aim is not so good when their eyes are closed and they don't comprehend their native language.

-We tried the "let's make sure he goes to the bathroom just before he goes to bed" route and...
...That didn't work either.

-We tried every possible combination of the above attempts and came up short or, as the case may be, wet. Wet and disappointed and embarassed; well, only Bug did.

For a stretch there the only laundry we were washing was his bedding and it was getting frustrating for all involved - including and especially our handsome, young man who was trying his very best to not have accidents and would pray every night to God to help him.

Our morning routine changed considerably: get him out of wet clothes, wash him up, strip the bed, leave it to air dry, hopefully throw his bedding in the washer right then (if we had the time and if not right after work), spray his dried bed with febreeze, wait for that to dry, make his bed and know that it would start over in less than 12 hours.

We have now had 2 weeks of dryness in our house! Bug is so happy and he is so thankful that God has been helping him to not have any accidents. Every morning he wakes up and joyfully tells us how many days it has been and we all celebrate with him - not because it means less work for us but, because he is so thrilled.

So, when I say our house has been kinda dry, it's a good thing (no Martha Stewart reference implied).

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon...

Had some time to do some blog hopping...

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Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.