Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And there I am WITHOUT my camera!

BigB & I saw the funniest thing on our way to work this morning. Well, funny to us. Given the Harley Davidson riding, bar-brawl fighting, tattoo sporting background we have it was even leaning to the side of hilarious and there I was WITHOUT my camera (technically, it was in the backseat in my bag but, I wouldn't have been able to reach it in time and probably would have caused myself physical harm trying to get to it for photographic proof of just how stinking cute the sight we saw was). So...without photographic evidence you will just have to trust me when I say it was very funny and use your best imagination when you read the description and if you haven't laughed to the point of peeing your pants, you haven't tried hard enough!

Pulling off of our street to get to work this morning we were delayed by on-coming traffic which happened to bring us more delight than it probably should. What was the source of our tickled funny bones? I am so glad you asked. We saw a tall, scrawny young man (read baby face) who was sporting a very stringy yet scruffy (or straggly) goatee and a doo-rag, looking as tough as he could possibly muster riding on his ...

...vespa scooter!

I think BigB did pee his pants, but only a little.

He, the vespa riding Hell's Angel Purgatory Cherub was so cute in an "I'm wearing Daddy's clothes" kind of way and we appreciate him so much for bringing just that much more of a smile to our faces this morning. Sure do wish I had my camera ready!


Debi said...

I think those "you just had to be there to appreciate the humor in it" are the best classic moments. I love them.

Witnessing something like this could only start your day out with a smile.

Hope it continues :)

Louise said...

And Ang, I really thank YOU for sharing to give ME a laugh as well. I am pretty good at "mental pictures" when someone describes things to me...