Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Impromptu "Photo Shoots" #2

These are two of my favorite people; they are such incredible role models as a couple and as individuals and I love them SO much! Both are heaps of fun to be around and I hope that I was able to capture that, as well as how much they love each other in these pictures.

I only wish I would have had more time to get a few more shots to play with but we were at a wedding and had lots of stuff to do.


MamaBear said...

My favorite one is the first one followed closely by the last one. They look so happy together!

Do you use Picasa for editing? If so, there's an editing tool called tuning (inbetween quick fixes and special effects). In that section slide the shadow bar to the right a smidge and you'll get more definition in the photos - not too far or the images will get too dark.
I'm not sure where it's at, but look for the color temperature slide and see if moving it too the left a bit will take out some of the yellow cast. When I don't have my white balance set correctly and I still really like a picture I will change it to black and white to hide the yellow tones.

Hope that helps!

JD said...

I prefer #3 and #6, because the focus is sharper, but I like the natural pose of #1.

To avoid having the shadows fall onto the back wall next time, you can always ask your subject to place more distance between themselves and the wall, bounce the flash differently from your camera, or back light the subject with an off camera flash behind them.

Happy couple, for sure!!

Maire said...

Hi! First time visitor to you blog, good luck on your photography!! Did you FX all of the photos? #1 & 2 capture some sweet, loving expressions on their faces; but if you were looking for full focus and frontage for both of them, the last photo captures all of that.
I still use paint shop pro, you can do all of the things everyone mentions above, but then Picasa is free.
The most important thing is to take as many photos as you can, in different settings, you can never take too many, and then you can sort through and choose as you edit. Once you get better at lighting, aperture settings, etc you can experiment more.
But, the photos are lovely, they capture the happiness of the day.
Thank you for sharing!
I have two blogs, one is an irish/photo blog, I'd be pleased if you check it out.
have a great day and have fun!

Love Mom said...

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments, Ladies. I did use picasa for most of the editing and the ones from this photoshoot were all so slightly out of focus (from laughing so hard with them) that I did need to FX most of them.

I am saving for a better camera before I look into purchasing any editing software!