Thursday, June 11, 2009

I ♥ Rush

Because from the moment they placed her in my arms almost 16 years ago, she has changed my life. From that moment, it wasn't about me any more; my thoughts shifted from me to her - how everything I did would affect her. I know I have made mistakes and that I will continue to make mistakes (just hopefully not the same ones and that the severity of those mistakes lessens each and every time) but I have done my best for her, and I think it's really great how she has changed and impacted me as much as I have her. She took me outside of myself and made me aware of life in a way I never could have dreamt or imagined.

She is a great kid, always has been. Her sense of humor has never failed to leave me in stitches; her heart and compassion has always left me proud. The work ethic that she has shown since entering the work world is one any mom could be proud of but, I am not just any mom. I am the fortuntate one who gets to be her mom.

I ♥ Rush and I have since before I knew her (any mom knows that feeling) but I have no words to describe the tugging, the pulling, the gnawing, the burning in my heart when I think of her (and all my kids but this post is about how I ♥ Rush) and how much I ♥ her and how much she means to me.
"Nobody ever told me that motherhood is a constant gnawing hunger, a confusing mix of envisioning future ages & milestones, cars & boys and the way her grown up hand will feel in mine, and simultaneously mourning tiny pink socks, that surely only ever fit seashells." - S. Murdock

Working at CRC - clean up crew (photo by Eug)

Just hanging out at BK with the family.

Family walk.

Taking a trip down memory lane...

Rush & my Granny K (Oh, how I ♥ them both!)

Looking a little like Miss CindyLoo Who.

Rush & her oldest friend (they met the day he was born 2 days after her) & her most ♥ed stuffed animal Toots.

After what looks like a terribly fun water fight. I think she lost...

Dancing to the music on Fox and the Hound.

Fixing Pa's swather, or should I say "fixing" since she was using a chisel!
Pa & Rush having a nap in the tent at the farm.
And, in the not so distant past of memory lane...

Dad said something that was shockingly funny here (as Rush is wearing a cloth sack a gift came in to make it look like a night cap - her humor, I tell ya).

I don't really know what to say about this one other than she was hamming it up for her cousins by wearing the bright yellow bowl and goggles at Christmas (& she is also wearing Uncle Cowboy's hoodie.)

Clowning around last July for Bug's birthday party.

SSSSSHHHHHHH....I have a secret...

Tyra Rush workin' it like a pro.

Rush, I want you to know that you mean more to me than I could possibly ever express; my word-bank is void of the appropriate words. Rush, I ♥ you!

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