Monday, June 29, 2009

Do NOT start a phone call conversation like this EVER

Moments ago my phone at work rang; it was BigB. He is going to give you an excellent example of how NOT to start a conversation.

"First of all, he's ok."

and then there was a pause...

I have to admit that during that pause I immediately forgot 'first of all, he's ok'. I immediately went to who is he (given the terribly high fever Bug had been fighting up until yesterday and the fact that LilB just left our house to travel to Calgary for a family reunion with his mom's family and I have a terribly vivid imagination (quick too) and several people and scenarios popped into my head).

What should I have done? Turned my fears and imagination directly and immediately over to God and waited for BigB to finish.

Here's the scoop.
As I had said LilB was on his way to Calgary to the family reunion and in a city very near ours he was side swiped; his car is pretty smashed up which means he can not drive to the reunion and he is returning to our house as we speak I type this.

He IS ok; he is pretty ticked off that his car has so much damage to it and I think he will have to remain here until his car is fixed (which has it's pluses and negatives - plus that we get to visit with him, negative that he misses the reunion with his other family and his return to his home in Missouri may be delayed depending on when it can be repaired.)

But don't. ever. start a conversation like that with anyone. ever! Especially if that person is someone whose family didn't want to tell her her brother had a heart attack because she is 'overly sensitive' and 'overly protective' and would 'freak out' (read panic)

How to handle this type of conversation (only from the side of the person doing the calling and scaring and not the replies from the person recieving said call and being scared):
"Hi. How is your day going?"
"Great. Me? I'm doing all right. Oh, I just wanted to let you know that someone side swiped LilB in (insert name of city near ours here) so he is on his way back here. I guess we'll be getting a few more days with him after all."

A lot nicer, heh? A lot less room for panic and imagination to creep in. A lot more focus on the smooshing of the car than the possible smooshing and/or breaking of the son.

Lesson over. Never forget it!

***Edited to add***
LilB has since decided to carry on to Calgary (as I was just informed through a second call) and is taking care of accident business at the police station of "city very near us". I have to admit, it is extremely difficult to say 'goodbye' to your child twice in one day with the excitement of getting to spend more time with him smooshed in between good bye's. This is where I would kick the dirt with a swiping motion of my feet, gestured with a closed fist a motion of disappointment by moving said fist slightly to the front of my body, cast my eyes downward and give a HUGE melodramatic sigh. If I were totally into those kinds of antics, shich I so totally am NOT.


BigB said...

in my defense i felt that saying first he is ok was smoother than saying lilb was in accident and then giving details. I apologize. thought it would be easier

Love Mom said...

Um, I know you didn't do it to purpsefully freak me out...silly man. :D

Together We Save said...

Oh I hate the first he/she is ok call. I know there is no good way to say anything but this is so scary.

Missy said...

O M Goodness that would freak anyone out...not just a mom!!!! Glad to hear he's okay and still able to make it to the reunion!