Monday, June 01, 2009

Not Me Monday

When you're done here, head on over to MckMama's, the creator of this blog carnival, and see what she and the other ladies haven't been doing this week.

I have not been so busy this week that I almost don't remember what I did or did not do this past week. Whew!

I most certainly did not have to keep pushing back when I could go get groceries this weekend so many times (due to out-of-my-control circumstances) that I had to run to the stor at 9:00 last night just so I could send my kids to school with more than just a sandwich because we had nothing else. Not me! I mean, really, I have weeks worth of sandwiches in my freezer so I obviously would take the same care in planning the rest of their lunches and snacks.

We did not get some of the car fixed this weekend and that definitely means that we didn't fix one side of the front brakes and some part I had never heard of before (because I am all up on my mechanic jargin and know exactly what my husband is talking about at all times.). I did not become their mechanical photographer because the guys couldn't see behind what they were working with since we couldn't lift the car up enough. So I didn't take this picture.

I did not sleep on a couch with a hound dog glued to my side and did not enjoy waking up in the country side and therefore, did not get to spend time snuggling with this wonderful creature for a good part of the morning.

I did not enjoy getting to know some wonderful people from Kingston and didn't thoroughly enjoy listening to Pastor Bill as he preached at CRC on Friday night. Jellybean did not get to listen to him at chapel on Wed either and she most certainly did not come home tell me, "Pastor Bill is a funny, funny man," and that he is now her third favorite pastor. (This is not a good quality picture due to my mad photo taking skills but because he was not hopping around from chair to chair as I snapped this shot.)
My son didn't willingly dress up like this and spend the majority of the day in this attire and in the mindset of whatever character this guy is. My children are all serious children, devoted to spending their time doing practical things like cleaning their rooms, doing their homework and memorizing their Bible verses.

(P.S. There is not a sword, gun and walkie talkie tucked into Bug's pants right now; he is not some sort of Clark Kent, Steve Erkle, police man, pirate type guy.)

I did not get to spend part of the day and all evening watching this cutey and his two older sisters.

I did not buy cigarettes for my almost 16 year old daughter. Ok really, I didn't but she did give me the money for them. She worked at the group home this weekend and one of the ladies needed cigarettes so, in order to avoid Rush having to chase this woman down as she would have decided to walk into town to buy them, I bought smokes for her. It has not been years since I bought a pack of smokes and it did not feel extremely strange and awkward.

I most certainly didn't spend a very restless night last night think of and praying for my dear friend whose marriage is in desperate need of restoration like mine was and I am certainly not praying that she really will be at church on Friday like she said she would and I am most certainly not praying that she chooses to put God first in her life once again and restores that relationship first and allows God to heal the other.

I also haven't spent the week having periods of sadness over the fact that we are unable to get to our oldest daughter's graduation tea this coming Thursday as our car really isn't travel worthy yet. Not me. I certainly don't feel like the worst parent in the world over missing something so important as a graduation from LPN. That being said I am so completely NOT proud of her and all that she has accomplished (including all ready having two relief positions near her new house).

I have not spent the week wishing I had a private jet so I could go to Kansas City, Mo just to hug my son. Nope, not me. I don't miss him at all, especially since his birthday is only a few days away.

These are some of the things I haven't done this week. What haven't you done? C'mon, it's very freeing to admit our shortcomings.


Micah said...

Beautiful horse! Hope you have a fabulous week!

Pink Slippers said...

Wow.. sweet horsie!