Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I'm back...

Well, almost. I am getting there step by step. I used to be so organized and prepared. I would have meals ready and in the freezer; I even had things made & frozen for the bigger kids for breakfast. There were meal plans attached to my fridge and cleaning schedules beside them. I am coming back.

Yesterday I completed one meal plan. I think I will do 2 per "cooking season" for our house. You see, it gets so HOT in our house in the warm weather that putting bread in the toaster makes it somewhat unbearable; turning on the oven makes it intolerable!

I went and got some groceries yesterday after supper and as I was putting them away began making some breakfast burritos for Rush. I got 6 made last night; I didn't get home from the store until 9:30 and I plan to make some more up tonight - those and some sandwiches to freeze (after I take Rush to get some new clothes).

The girls' room is pretty much done; I am just needing to find the right baskets, etc for their shelves and I need to put up Jellybean's bulletin board. I think tonight I will pick up the shelf for our front entrance too and get that area looking spiffy. I have shoes that I will be going through that I don't wear anymore - dress shoes. If anyone around here is a size 8-9 (depending on the shoe) and would like them, let me know. If I still have them they are yours.

Slowly but surely I am getting back into my groove. This last 2 years of working full-time and working 2 jobs at a time for part of it really left me in a state of chaos but it is starting to come together once again. Thank God for that and thank God that He has equipped me.

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